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Thread: Bad Habits

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    Default Bad Habits

    I've never tried listing any of my bad habits before. Maybe this will be helpful or maybe even fun.

    1. Spitting. In the sink, toilet, shower, on the ground, in the garbage, out the car window, on plates, ect...
    2. Procrastinating.
    3. Smoking.
    4. Becoming too aggressive defending my point of view in a discussion or debate.
    5. Doing everything in the laziest possible way.
    6. Breaking things when I get angry.
    7. Being too impatient.
    8. Giving up on things way too quickly.
    9. Fixing things while refusing to use anything other than what I've got available at the time.
    10.Going to bed too late and waking up too late.
    11.Fishing for things that I want instead of just asking for them.
    12.Ignoring my family.
    13.Spending too much time reading about random things that interest me but that I will never ever pursue.
    14.Buying up to $85 worth of beef jerky at the gas station a month.
    15.Constantly buying food and drink at the gas station and fast food restaurants so I don't have to spend so much time grocery shopping in a real grocery store. (Which would be 75% cheaper.)
    16.Not even attempting to keep up with messes as I make them.
    17.Reading 6 books at once but never finishing any of them.
    18.Spending too much time thinking about the future and not paying attention to the present moment.
    19.If I miss the garbage can, I just pretend like I didn't notice sometimes.
    20.Talking about myself too much.

    Okay, those were pretty easy to come up with. I wonder if it will be that easy for anybody else.

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    Oh Lord:
    • Logging onto the Internet, checking mail that isn't really important.
    • I ritualistically log into MySpace and Facebook, but I hardly ever do anything on either (except for the occasional blog).
    • When I'm having a burger and fries, I must eat the fries before touching the burger. If there are fries left in the bag after finishing the burger, I am almost compelled to get another meal.
    • As my desk collects more empty pop cans, I sometimes get another pop even though somewhere in the mess is a can that is full and I just forgot to drink it.
    • I rip tags off of T-shirts, teddy bears and other fabricated things, which I fondle with (a sort of soothing effect if the tags are smooth and silky), sometimes long after they have become unsanitary.
    • Whenever I eat M&Ms (or any colored candies), I must have two pieces of one color on one side of my mouth and two pieces of another color on the other side. I must bite down on them at the same exact time, or else I have screwed the process up and must start over.
    • I often do repetitive highlighting and de-highlighting of computer text -- not unlike what Jack Nicholson did with light switches and locks in As Good as it Gets.
    • Sometimes, I think the finger is mightier than the Kleenex.

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    1. I procrastinate like it's my job
    2. I don't floss my teeth as often as I should
    3. I'm probably too passive sometimes because I don't like confrontation. The way I look at it though is that I just choose my battles wisely If/When I feel like fighting, I am certainly capable.
    4. I waste way too much time online (and on here)
    5. In general, I take life too seriously
    6. I eat out too often...I should cook instead and try new things.
    7. I don't exercise as much as I should
    8. Since I moved back home after graduation to work through grad school I've gotten into the really bad habit of calling both my parents by their first names. It started out as a joke that I used whenever they made me angry...but unfortunately, it stuck. Oops, sorry mom & dad! It really does make them annoyed when I do this. My dad will usually correct me, but my mom just ignores it now.

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    I say all of the above.

    Some days I think if I gave up on procrastination, Internet, TV, junk food, and all the other frivolous luxuries, then I could find a simpler, happier existence. But I'm too lazy.

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    *Staying on top of my temper (my worst)
    *Practicing patience
    *Addiction to my email
    *Leaving stacks of things around the house instead of putting them back
    *Forgetting to return phone calls

    I can't have any physical bad habits because of lupus, so I don't drink or smoke or eat fast food.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    *Leaving stacks of things around the house instead of putting them back
    But... stacks are by far the most efficient way to organize!

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    I bite my fingernails (and toenails)
    I rip out my eyebrows and eyelashes
    I go on the computer too freaking much
    I decide to do stuff and then decide it's not worth my stopping from being lazy later...and then I regret it
    I talk about human waste products (or otherwise gross things) a lot on the intp irc channel, (eg. diced anus flesh baked into bread)
    I mumble
    I sleep late...wake up late
    Most of what my parents say to me get a grumble as a response
    sparkly sparkly rainbow excretions

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    holy shit am I a feeler?
    if you like my avatar, it's because i took it myself! : D

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    1. procrastination- big time
    2. messiness
    3. lack of taking a shower
    4. chewing on things i shouldn't (my clothes, plastic, paper)
    5. eating too much
    6. eating at night
    7. sleeping too much
    8. being lazy with anything (brushing teeth, getting ready, ect)
    9. playing comp/watching tv instead of doing home work
    10. zoning out during class and while people talk
    12. my heavy debating (on the stuff i care about) that makes people mad and thier madness causes me pleasure <_<...
    13. my not eating anything healthy and so i constantly search for junk food...
    14. wearing the same clothes for days

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    I bite my nails
    I put my foot in my mouth way too often (figuratively! )
    I don't like to admit that I'm wrong
    I speak in Spanish to spanish speaking friends in public, about other people present (not mean things!!!)
    I'm horribly blunt about things
    I think that I can fix anything by talking and turning on the charm
    I swear way too often
    I drive agressively
    I throw off all obligations when stressed

    umm.. I can probably think of more, but I'm tired of insulting myself for the moment!
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    I must bite down on them at the same exact time, or else I have screwed the process up and must start over.
    That gave me a good, hearty laugh.

    I sleep late...wake up late
    That is so me.

    I throw off all obligations when stressed
    This also.

    I rip out my [...] eyelashes
    Me too! Just the ones in the outer corner, and just in my right eye. I don't rip them out. I just continuously pull and worry at them.

    -Being too lazy to do much of anything.
    -Being very... what will be, will be, and very 'if it happened, well that's what was meant to happen' (though I consider this less of a bad habit and more of a 'serenity' thing).
    -Like others here, I eat too much junk and don't exercise enough.
    -Biting my nails.
    -Eating to comfort/distract myself.
    -Never replying to emails.
    -An aversion to obligations and responsibilities.
    -Lately, I've been falling asleep in whatever clothes I happen to be in at the time, before I brush my teeth and wash my face. In essence, lack of a schedule.
    -Perhaps not doing enough for myself. Not taking good enough care of myself or being kind enough to myself.
    -Arguing with my mom when she's drunk and wicked. (No really - wicked. She's a horrible drunk. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I just like to argue with her to sate my sadistic side. I resent being made a victim, so I don't let myself. I always fight back. It's kind of fun, too. But this probably isn't always the best route.)

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