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Thread: Bad Habits

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    Quote Originally Posted by MX5 View Post
    Not sharing my “stuff” with others
    Yes, marriage can lead you to be like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    Yes, marriage can lead you to be like that.

    you know some of us like to NOT regardless of marriage
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    Are these NFP traits? I think they might be...

    Quote Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
    I procrastinate
    I think most people do, there's nothing wrong with taking a break or planning work out ahead of time. But when you start avoiding stuff to the point it affects your work/school performance or cutting into your engagements with others, that's a problem.

    This used to be a horrible problem for me, and still is, but I'm definitely functional now. It's more a procrastination of inconvenience...I hope.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
    I can't go to bed at night and I can't get up in the morning
    My parents call me the night demon. I've always preferred the night to day. I've posted elsewhere how I overcompensate with multiple alarm clocks and just pulling all nighters or waking up several hours earlier than I need to in order to make appointments.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
    I have a bad tendency to throw things on the floor. Actually, more like absentmindedly placing it there instead putting it away or throwing it out.
    !!! Have you been spying on me? Hahaha. I get super organized out of necessity, not enough storage for all my STUFF. I have LOTS and LOTS of stuff, that's a bad habit of mine that I still struggle with. Sometimes I temporarily give up and throw everything around until I can reorganize it and buy more containers and then everything is neat again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
    I'm really bad at keeping in touch with people.
    This is the one I'd really like to fix. I'm working on it, but always slip into old habits. For me, whether or not I contact someone, they are in my mind and heart, so I don't feel I need to. But, of course I need to! That's how you sustain a relationship and remind people you care.

    Other bad habits:

    I walk too fast. I have a funny gait and I don't bend my knees hardly when I'm walking and my feet shuffle. I think it's sexeh. Hahahha. Actually, no it's look comical.

    I talk too fast. People can't understand what the heck I'm saying a lot of the time. I either talk too quietly or too loudly. :steam:

    I'm somewhat impulsive...

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    Lulz well I have a ton of other habits that other people would seem disgusting, annoying, or immoral. I only listed the ones that I don't like about myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    holy shit am I a feeler?
    if you like my avatar, it's because i took it myself! : D

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    1) I am a queen of procrastinator. I can procrastinate doing things for weeks/months/years.
    2) I hate washing dishes, I always leave my bowl lying around the house for hours before finally deciding to wash it. I have better things to do than to wash those dishes ugh.
    3) I often find myself feeling confused and lost in life. I feel like I am drifting through life every day, every year.
    4) I can be oversensitive at times.
    5) I am not very good at expressing my emotions. I have a deeply caring side to me, yet I often appear cold and aloof on the outside.
    6) I am eccentric. I have been called weirdo by people everywhere I go.
    7) I am not aware enough of my surroundings, and I often get into accidents everywhere I go.
    8) I have short-term memory and I am not very good at remembering things like names and dates.
    9) I am not the most trendy people around. I tend to listen to songs that are from the 1990s. And people often stare at me and tell me, "That song is so old!"
    10) I love books. I am a nerd. I don't mind living in a library for the rest of my life.
    11) I speak to my stuffed animals and treat them like my best friend.
    12) I am always looking for the best in people, and I always feel shocked when I found out that people disliked me and treat me like shit, because I view them as a good person and I didn't expect this sort of behavior coming from them.

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    - talking about myself too much
    - being socially awkward and impolite
    - not exercising enough
    - logging on to social media
    - being too illusive / anti social
    - ignoring my family
    - oversleeping
    - abandoning books
    - chewing my lips
    - procrastinating due to lack of motivation
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    • I can't do lists
    • Lazy
    • Bad memory
    • Doesn't do lists because lazy and bad memory
    • Lazy in the last bullet can be read as an adjective for bad memory or just as lazy like being lazy
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    . I dont have bad habbits.
    .But in an alternate reality where I did they would include.
    . Impulsive
    . No filter
    .Disorganized chaos.
    .forgetting to wash my face before I sleep
    . Eating past evening
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