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Thread: Bad Habits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    Oh Lord:
    You can call me Sid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    • I often do repetitive highlighting and de-highlighting of computer text -- not unlike what Jack Nicholson did with light switches and locks in As Good as it Gets.
    Holy shit! I do that too! It's not a very bad habit but it's surely an odd one that people notice about me. (I do other things much like that, too.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Recoleta View Post
    4. I waste way too much time online (and on here)
    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I'm horribly blunt about things
    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I swear way too often

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    1. I twirl my hair (but don't actually break it).

    2. I chew on my nails.

    3. I occasionally suck on/chew on pieces of plastic.

    4. I fidget.

    5. I spend a lot of time on forums instead of doing something productive.

    6. I blame other people for my problems.

    7. I judge people all the time, sometimes even before I know them.

    8. I spend too much time alone.

    9. I'm too lazy to do anything else in addition to what other people require from me most of the time. I always meet/exceed the requirements, though. (Examples: I never took AP classes, applied for scholarships, got involved in extracurricular activities, took part in school functions, or got a job while in high school, but usually went to class regularly and got all of my work done well and on time, and got an A in all but three which I still passed. I just didn't see a need to volunteer to do more work.)

    10. I drink too many sodas and eat too many snacks when stressed out.

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    I smoke

    I procrastinate

    I can't go to bed at night and I can't get up in the morning

    I have a bad tendency to throw things on the floor. Actually, more like absentmindedly placing it there instead putting it away or throwing it out.

    I can't go past free or cheap books without acquiring some. It hurts me otherwise. I can't get rid of books either, so they have been accumulating over the years - to the point where I have absolutely no room for them.

    I need physical manifestations of my anger so I end up hurting myself a lot by slamming my hand into hard things and kicking stuff because I never think about the force I put into it beforehand.

    I know from experience that need to do very little to keep in fantastic shape, but I'm too lazy to do those 15 minutes a day and a one-hour session each week.

    I really often fall asleep on my couch fully clothed. My back will hurt like hell regardless of where I sleep, so I've stopped caring.

    I'm really bad at keeping in touch with people. It's really, really difficult to call people, text them, IM them, write letters etc. - the only thing that works is face-to-face, but even then I suck at initiating contact.

    I'm sure I have a ton of other bad habits I haven't realised or don't recall.

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    Gosh! I sound like a lot of you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I'm horribly blunt about things


    I swear way too often
    Who says these are bad habits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post
    But... stacks are by far the most efficient way to organize!
    I call it my "piling filing" system. Patent pending.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mempy View Post
    -Arguing with my mom when she's drunk and wicked. (No really - wicked. She's a horrible drunk. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I just like to argue with her to sate my sadistic side. I resent being made a victim, so I don't let myself. I always fight back. It's kind of fun, too. But this probably isn't always the best route.)
    Oh honey, how terrible!! I hate mean drunks! And the mean drunk being your mother... wow... my parents were mean drunks too.
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    In no particular order:

    1. My skills in procrastination are legendary
    - Frequently late to meetings, appointments, etc.
    - Being flaky on deadlines
    - Spending far too much on the internet
    - I think more about doing something, than actually doing it
    - I can also be a highly anal perfectionist & critic
    - I tend to expect nothing less than my high standards from myself
    2. Forgetting to return phone-calls, emails, messages, letters, etc.

    3. Stubborn, yet self-destructive

    4. Very prone to space-cadet-ism

    5. Short-tempered during times of stress

    6. Neglectful of personal relationships (I need to be reminded of them! That's why most of my friends consists of extroverts.)

    7. Second-guessing myself more often than I should (while still maintaining the image of being self-assertive.)

    Quote Originally Posted by This quote describes me well (my moon sign is concidentally an Aquarius)
    However, when the Moon is in Aquarius, natives often will deny the more irrational qualities of emotions—such as jealousy, possessiveness, and fear—in an effort to be "above" what they consider "pettiness". When this goes too far, Lunar Aquarians can be emotionally blocked, distant, and detached.

    Although given to temper tantrums and willful behavior in youth, Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling that messy emotions are unappealing. They often pride themselves for being cool-headed, detached, and "above" what they consider the more base emotions.
    8. Arrogant in a way of thinking that I'm above the animalistic emotions and so I - secretly - judge others for them, then deny it to myself when I feel such things... only to have my world crashing down upon me a couple of weeks later...

    - I have difficulty accepting that I'm only human, that I also have irrational feelings. Loosing control of myself and allowing my instincts to take over without prior consideration would one of my fears.

    9. I tend to look down up traditional women before giving them a chance. (I'm better at managing this judgment than before.)

    10. I tend to dislike people who believe in gender stereotypes and therefore, am exceedingly dismissive of their words & ideas without careful examination. (How unreasonable of me!)

    11. I'm not fond of so-called 'dating gurus' and judge them harshly. David Deangelo irritates me to no end.

    12. Wishy-washy in the decision making process.

    13. Not great at putting my thoughts and feelings into words.

    14. Poor listening skills: Lecturing others with autobiographical advice when all they desire at the moment is empathy. (This has offended a number of FJs in the past. I think it's becoming less of a problem now that someone was kind enough to bring this up to my attention a few months ago. I never realized my behavior was offensive to others until then.)

    So here they are, all my faults summed up in a post... except for one. I prefer to keep that one to myself.
    "I cannot expect even my own art to provide all of the answers -- only to hope it keeps asking the right questions." -- Grace Hartigan

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Looking into the eyes of a [Ni user] is like peeking through a portal into a parallel universe.

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    • laziness
    • procrastination
    • poor sleep habits
    • messiness
    • failing to keep in touch with friends/family
    • poor eating habits
    • avoiding confrontation
    • picking at my skin

      And according to my daughter:
    • multi-tasking while driving
    • homicidal tendencies while cleaning
    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”
    ~ John Rogers

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    going to bed too late
    too much caffeine
    drinking too much alcohol(I'm on the case with that one)
    sometimes poor self-control as regards speaking my mind when I should keep quiet
    spending money too lightly (I don't think that's a fault but other people say it is so...)
    breaking the law
    being so arrogant that many other things I thought of that people have criticized about me, I didn't write because I don't think they're faults
    Ils se d�merdent, les mecs: trop bon, trop con..................................MY BLOG!

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    Procrastination – especially when it comes to paying bills (I hate “giving away” my hard-earned money)

    Driving too fast (and loving every minute of it)

    Talking to myself (I’m the only one that listens to me, so why not?)

    Telling people “it’s OK” when it’s really not

    Not exercising

    Eating poorly (junk food, ice cream, candy, etc…)

    Not sharing my “stuff” with others

    Using big words when I don’t have to

    Waiting until the last possible minute before going to the bathroom

    I’m sure there are more…just ask my wife!
    MBC - writing bad poetry, kickin' ass.

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