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    Quote Originally Posted by Colors View Post
    The Volkswagen (or is it Volvo?) ads where the people are talking in the car and get side-swiped.
    It's VolksW.

    They were powerful in the sense they really made my heart leap up in my throat -- seeing a car suddenly loom up in a side window and then an entire accident. I don't know whether that will make me buy a Volvo, but the crashes themselves seemed realistic not just in what happens, but what the experience of actually being in one (the "out of nowhere" aspect) is like.

    They definitely got my [stunned] attention.

    That driving this brand's car is sure to get you in a car accident?
    Volkswagen: Crash Magnets!

    Probably not the image they were trying to convey.

    it would be interesting to see if sales went up or down.
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    For the Intel one it seems like the marketing people had gone through some typical marketing details (athletes, smart looking computer worker in office, looking about to accomplish something) and didn't take a step back to look at how the entire ad would play as a whole.

    For the whiskey ad:

    (As a side note, thanks ot this post, I now notice the the "more smileys' link has 2 columns. )

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    There’s a Jockey underoos commercial on now that shows a bunch of tall, pale, scrawny, disheveled hipster boys and girls on a conveyer belt being run through a large press that turns them into blonde, tanned Barbie and Ken dolls. Kind of looked like the cybermen factory. Then a hipster boy grabs a hipster girl’s hand and they escape. Text on the screen reads, “Jockey” and “Dare to be you.”

    The nonconformist message doesn’t really work because the scruffy hipsters are the fashion standard, not the Barbie and Ken dolls. If a line of average looking people were being turned into hipsters then it might make more sense.

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