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Thread: The Rant Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    Funny, you are a mean old ENTJ and you share some of the same issues I have as a ditzy fuzzy ENFP. I also turn into a zombie when I'm by myself too long, even if it's necessary studying or work. I found that theoretically, frequent SOCIAL breaks help. Or going to social places like coffee shops to study and getting to know the employees or having study sessions where you are doing separate studying and taking chat breaks. The goal is to break your natural 1-track focus and get out of the self-impelled cycle of "unnatural introversion" or to fake the funk by fulfilling a social need without having to put yourself out too much. You can also have a 'treat' day like they do for some diets where 1 day a week you just go krajee and party and fill up your social meter. You have to work it out for yourself what combinations best work for your time. Living in a dorm or a group house also helps a lot because you get frequent, constant, and readily available small doses of social time.

    Hope that helps?

    Okay, my rant thread - I wish I wasn't such a bum and took better care of myself when I'm being introverted. . . .
    ENFPs are nice people indeed... I know quite a few myself.

    The 1 day social thing is pretty much what I do during exam time. The real challenge for me is switching back into study mode once that refill break is over. I do very badly in crowded places, because then I get distracted by noise and end up not being able to properly understand the content of what I'm reading. I do feel better when studying around people, though, and the coffee shop studying is something I did regularly in the past which helped me complete more mindless homework but did not reflect well on my test marks. Same thing with roommates... I am a horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE multitasker, and it takes forever for my mind to switch from one thing to another. So if, say, my roommate happens to walk in and talk about the new shirt she bought or her new boyfriend and I'm doing my linguistics homework... let's just say, it's not going to go well, because I probably won't be able to say a word to her due to my mind's hyperfocus.

    Eh, my brain is such a pain...
    Feel free to dispute my type.

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    I swear our government is retarded.

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    I want to throw up.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    I want to throw up too. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

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    What in the hell am I supposed to do now that school is on break, and I don't start work until next week?!?

    Answer: Die from boredom.

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    Parents who have no idea what they're talking about need to STFU!!!!!

    Father one of one of my students, on voicemail (abridged and paraphrased version): I'm calling to report a problem with CampusFrance, the agency that you recommend for students to get their student visa. They suck and you're stupid for recommending them. Her consulate appointment is on Monday and she hasn't received the documents she needs yet from them. etc etc etc


    Me (returning father's phone call): We are aware of the frustration with CampusFrance, but it's not actually a visa agency that we recommend - it is a requirement of the French government that students complete the CampusFrance process before they apply for the visa.

    Father: Well isn't there any other agency they can use, or can they get these documents together on their own?

    Me:.....No. CampusFrance is not an agency. It is an entity of the French government, and it is required to be approved by them before applying for a student visa.

    Father: It's part of the French government?

    Me: Yes. However, if your daughter is having problems with the process, I have a contact at CampusFrance that I can reach, but I will need some information from you about her application. I can get in touch and intervene to make sure her application is processed in time for her consulate appointment.

    Father: Well, I know from many friends in higher education that study abroad is a money-maker for universities, and it reflects poorly upon you that you work with this agency that is so difficult to deal with.

    Me: Yes, I understand, but as I said, it's a part of the French government, so we have no control over that process. However, I spend a good deal of time during this time of year helping students with the CampusFrance and visa process, and I can certainly intervene when I know that there is an issue. There's not much we can do about French bureaucracy, but we are certainly here to assist students in any way we can.

    Father: Okay, well what information do you need? My daughter is at an internship and it is not appropriate for her to receive personal calls, but I think I have all the information here.

    Me: Okay, I'll need her CampusFrance ID number.

    Father: Okay, it is_________.

    Me: And what date was the application finished?

    Father:......Okay, well I guess this is important enough that we can interrupt my daughter at her internship.

    He gives me her phone number, we say goodbye and I call the daughter. First of all, the person who answered the phone when I called the father back answered the phone with the same company name that the daughter answered the phone with when I called her, so obviously her internship is with her dad's company. Secondly, he had it all wrong and she had already received the approval she needed from CampusFrance. HAHAHHHHAAA! He was all worked up and yelling at me about this "agency," he can't figure out why we use them, etc etc... and it turns out the reason is because it's part of the FRENCH GOVERNMENT and it's REQUIRED - we have no choice but to use them! And then the problem isn't even with CampusFrance, it's that the student lost/can't find the paperwork she needed from us. The student, by the way, was really nice and said, "Sorry my dad bugged you"-- ha! She knows!

    I also once had a mom tell me that the fact that students have to go to Chicago in person to apply for their student visa was "elitist." Well, that's all fine and good, but it's a requirement of the French government, so don't complain to me!

    I'm not even mad, I'm just amused.
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    It'd be real fun to see this guy interact with the IRS.

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    So tired of holier-than-thou hypocrites. Do you have any idea that you're transparent like glass?

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    STOP CALLING ME! :steam:

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    You are worthless simplistic scum, trivial and meaningless, devoid of any real utility or merit. You have no concept of anything larger than the small pitiful and mundane world that you exist in, and yet you are satisfied, and even pretentiously proud of your fucking naive and ironic existence. I can see it in your fucking vacuous eyes, and in your slithering grin, the I'll-formed idea that you are better than those around you, simply because you hold some position of worthless power, and the deepest and darkest corners of my heart grin from ear to ear at the sheer amount of irony that this fact exudes. You are entirely incapable of being anything other than a mediocre shit stain, mediocre shit stain. You exemplify nearly every disgusting quality that has lead the march towards our demise as a species. Fuck you.

    That wasn't aimed at anyone. I just felt like insulting something.


    Meh. Get out of my fucking mind.
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    This will not end well...
    But it will at least be poetic, I suppose...

    Hmm... But what if it does end well?
    Then I suppose it will be a different sort of poetry, a preferable sort...
    A sort I could become accustomed to...

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