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Thread: The Rant Thread

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    T-Mobile, I am fed up with you.

    I changed my number Monday, gave it to no one, and I'm getting even MORE unknown and out-of-area code calls! (At least 10 more like 15 a day!)

    At least at AT&T I'll be able to have the iPhone 4G (July baby!).


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    It seems like common sense, but an alarming amount of manufacturers apparently need to be told that when a food container involves some kind of seal made out of plastic or aluminum foil, using industrial strength super glue to attach it is not the way to go, nor is it wise to make the foil so thin and flimsy that it's impossible to remove in one piece -- that is, if you have success removing any part of it whatsoever and don't tear off the handle immediately. You see, the idea is that you remove it by peeling it off in one motion, not having to resort to using knives, hammers and/or blowtorches. I bought that particular chicken meal so i could tear off the plastic and put it in the oven right away because i'm lazy, i did not buy it so i could spend an additional 15 minutes peeling off the remains to prevent eating molten plastic and glue. That's more work than it would have taken me to just put it in an oven dish and clean it afterwards, but i refuse to do that because this is supposed to be cooked in the container it was sold in dammit! Surely we have the technology for solving this problem, but i guess we rather use it on useless things like cellphones and space travel. Mankind is an abomination.

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    Being waitlisted once is okay. Sad, but okay. Getting waitlisted twice is obnoxious too. But THREE TIMES? IN A ROW?? BY THE SAME PLACE??????!?!?!?


    WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?!
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    I was feeling nauseous and tired earlier, the hot stifling weather wasn't helping, but I decided to go to band practice this afternoon anyway. Loaded down with heavy kit I struggled towards the front of the bus as it approached the stop, rumbling past the line of waiting police cars, their sirens flashing. What the HELL? Two scowling men in their twenties were holed up in the bus shelter, surrounded by aggresssive police in flak jackets, all armed to the teeth with a mixture of tasers and actual guns (what, in this country? no normal police carry guns here!) which they were pointing towards the miscreants in an extremely purposeful manner.

    "On second thoughts," I informed the bemused bus driver, who had pulled up indecisively in the middle of the road and was staring at the scene, gaping like an oxygen-starved goldfish, "perhaps I don't want that stop after all..."
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    are you fucking kidding me?!?!?

    the whole day, and only 70 pages of bullshit done?!?!? I"M SO SCREWED!!!

    ....500 more to go.. in 3 days.. fan fraking tastic.

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    I am so fucking fed up with political correctness.
    I am so bored of repackaging other people's shit in tiny edible pieces.
    I am so annoyed by those incompetent smiling bitches who compensate for their screaming mediocrity with dishonesty, social capital and "interpersonal intelligence".
    I am so tired of dealing with stupidity.

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    I am so frustrated with MEN who will not stand up for what they believe is right. I'm disgusted by these guys who roll over and are too scared to say what they truly believe. Have courage of conviction, ffs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    I am so frustrated with MEN who will not stand up for what they believe is right. I'm disgusted by these guys who roll over and are too scared to say what they truly believe. Have courage of conviction, ffs!
    I reckon I'd add to that, I cant stand individuals, any sex, age etc. who cant stand up for what they believe in.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations
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    Every man has a breaking point, be careful how you tread.

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    went to target,
    gonna try on some clothes, told the employee i had 4 things to try on. I start walking into the changing room and she starts to yell in her oriental accent
    "HEY THAT THE MEN'S...."
    and quietly trailed off in an epiphany of realizing i am indeed a male.
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