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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
    Do you like to drive? Used to, kinda. Still do, but not as much. I'm known for late night cruising and long-distance driving. It varies by car, too.
    If so, what car do you drive? 2001 Ford ZX2. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Pretty quick, fun to drive, and I don't worry about it at all (in fact, I accidentally left the door unlocked when I left it in the airport parking lot, and nobody noticed because it looks so uninteresting). It runs excellent and has less stuff to go wrong, so I'll probably have it a long time. Family members that never noticed them before really dig it, because it's fun and economical (read: cheap). My mom wants one just like it.
    If not, why not? N/A
    Do you have a "dream" car? Hard call here, but probably a Carrera GT.
    Any other thoughts? I drove a Pontiac G6 over the last couple days. I liked all the magic automatic stuff it did and found it alright looking. Fair gas mileage, too (only slightly worse than my little ZX2). However, I couldn't help thinking of all the stuff that could go wrong with it, and it was definitely gutless. After returning, I realized that my little car is just as quiet at idle and only slightly noisier when moving. My old car (94 Chevrolet Caprice) is so quiet that it is crazy in comparison to both of these, and it has huge sleep-suitable bench seats, too. Oh yes: I like my cars in white and both so-far have been. They should be no other color.
    Interesting! Why do you think there should be no other colors other than white (well, white's not actully a color)?

    I've had just about every car color in the book (beggers can't be choosy!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Heh. I drove a 94 Caprice until I got the Caravan to carpool with. It was like driving a cloud.
    So true. That car rides so smooth, so isolated from the ground, that you can barely tell you're moving. It was bad for speeding, too, because you get no sensation of speed until you're going over 100. The sound isolation is also quite notable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
    Interesting! Why do you think there should be no other colors other than white (well, white's not actully a color)?
    Because they're easiest to see and least likely to be involved in accidents. Then again, I like the other colors because it makes it easier to find mine in the parking lot.
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    ill post later when I am on break again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    Do you like to drive?
    Yes! Love it!

    If so, what car do you drive?
    Ahem... a 24 year old Nissan that I inherited recently... well, might as well get some use out of it. It's a very Franciscan car!!

    Do you have a "dream" car?
    Yeah I like vintage cars - not flashy ones for posers, but the little funny ones that are full of character. Example:

    Any other thoughts?
    I like pulling up in my battered old thing and seeing the looks I get as I park it next to a Mercedes and climb out in jeans with holes in the knees and a crumpled Megadeth t-shirt and approach the rest of the group in their suits; I like setting myself the challenge to obtain the attention of the crowd and become the 'linchpin' through just being more fun so people are too busy enjoying themselves and laughing with me to be impressed by the flashy pricks.

    Yes, it's naughty and egotistical I know, but I don't really do it for the attention (that's just a bonus)... I do it more because I need to keep proving to myself (to maintain my sense of optimism in the human race) that it's what's inside that counts, and that I'm alright, y'know, despite not being super rich or successful or anything. Y'know, like I don't need to be.

    Oh, and incidentally, trivial fact: you can't learn to drive 'til you're 18 in the UK. At least I think it's gone up to 18 now... it was 17 until very recently.
    that car is love..holy shit i want one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    done mav- she has 3 pts from you there!
    hey evidence from the rep system funny

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