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    Default American Idol - Judge The Judges

    So, we've gotten to hear from the judges and their opinions on contestants for years. What do you think about the judges' performance.


    How did they do?

    I'll start. Simon has always been my favorite. He seems to be losing his edge. Kara is not only more insightful, but appears to be more constructive.
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    kara is a bitch.
    she's only got like 18 words in her entire vocabulary.
    compared to randy, that's a lot but it's not enough to accurately convey the kind of information necessary for artistic growth.

    i don't understand why ellen is even there.
    she's not a musician. she's a comedian. how does she have anything to do with american idol?

    simon has the vocabulary and experience to not only know what he's talking about, but say it well.
    the ones who succeed are the ones who are able to get past his dickery and move on to the content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocap View Post
    i don't understand why ellen is even there.
    she's not a musician. she's a comedian. how does she have anything to do with american idol?
    Well I figured that they wanted someone who didn't know much about music on purpose. That way the person would get an amateur's view and a professional's view. Ellen seems to represent more of how a fan would view the contestant rather than a judge. Ellen's advice also seems to be encouraging to them as well. It's all about the voice.

    That and she's a famous lesbian. People love that, lol.
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    Simon is great.
    Randy is okay. (The "dog" bit is overdone.)
    Kara is fake.
    Ellen has no business being there.

    The Execs are off their rocker for letting Paula leave.
    They should have paid her the money she wanted.
    The chemistry between Simon and Paula was hilarious.
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    simon is the common sense/ executive pov ... at times gets things spot on, at times really annoys me, at times is rather funny

    randy is the music producer/ musician pov, underrated, imo...

    kara is annoying, but sometimes has got good critiques

    ellen seems like a nice person, but doesn't really bring much to the show, imo... (doesn't have a background in the music business)

    and i agree that they should have kept paula.

    yes, i watch american idol sometimes. *embarrassed*

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