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Seems your tummy is telling you something.

Some say our tummy is so intelligent, it is like a second brain. And really we can't do without it. And it works away brilliantly for us day by day, never complaining. However it does speak to us with pleasure on one hand, or with low grade heartburn and nausea on the other.

I wonder what your tummy is telling you.
I agree, bodies are pretty good at communicating when things are wrong. It is probably a matter of some part of my lifestyle being off.

Could be related to my living in a dorm. I haven't been able to cook my own food for months The food here is reasonably well put together, but it's not exactly what I'm used to...might be catching up with me.

Could be psychosomatic. Lately I've been challenging myself to leave my comfort zones and confronting things I've previously had a lot of hang ups about.

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Maybe that she has h pylori bacteria?
That is definitely a possibility.

I think either way, I'll try my best to eat non-irritating foods for a few weeks and see if that helps. Then go from there.

(but thanks for the input, made me actually think about what I should do about this)