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    Oh where or where have my glasses gone? Can't see a damn thing and I'm frustrated how blind I've become without artificial means!

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    Imagine if all of our electronic tools were to fail; or perhaps we were to be stranded on a remote island, void of technology. Indeed, many of us who use glasses, braces, contacts, and medicine would become irreparably handicapped. Our cars are our wheelchairs, our oil is our water, and our electricity is a drug. Withdrawal is painful, isn't it? I hope you find them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Tater View Post
    ...our oil is our water...
    Oil is good for the bones. I choose a vitamin fortified oil with my wheaties. It helps start my day off right so I can show the world everything that I'm made of and get that american dream promotion at work so I can spend every waking minute of my life constantly adding that fitty-cent to my bank account. Don't worker hate, foo'.

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