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    Quote Originally Posted by JustHer View Post
    And I have nothing to say.
    You're so confusing and interesting. I wish I had the opportunity to observe you IRL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synapse View Post
    Most likely you started this in the bonfire or somewhere like that where post count was added and then a mod moved the thread to the fluff zone which is much better than the graveyard and then your post count went minus. However now you are a healthily over the 1,000 mark congrats.
    I see you too are fast approaching a healthy post count!

    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    I'm very proud of your accomplishment.
    This knowledge brings me great peace. Thank you dearly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustHer View Post
    I see you too are fast approaching a healthy post count!
    hahah yeah too true but then I think I might just be stubborn and accrue a thousand posts in fluff first before I reach that magical thousand. nah I joke. Plus I have performance anxiety. hahahahaha, it'd be the first time I reached those heights on a forum. being here since 07 and watches folks zip past in an addictive fashion to astronomical numbers makes me want to get there at a snails pace.

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