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    Now here I go again, I see the crystal vision
    I keep my visions to myself
    It's only me who wants to wrap around your dreams
    Have you any dreams you'd like to sell
    Dreams of loneliness, like a heartbeat drives you mad
    In the stillness of remembering
    What you had, and what you lost
    What you had, oh what you lost

    Thunder only happens when it's raining
    Players only love you when they're playing
    They say, women, they will come and they will go
    When the rain washes you clean you'll know

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    ornery ornithologist captain curmudgeon's Avatar
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    Just a box of rain, wind and water
    Believe it if you need it, if you don't, just pass it on
    Sun and shower, wind and rain
    In and out the window like a moth before a flame

    And it's just a box of rain, I don't know who put it there,
    Believe it if you need it, or leave it if you dare.
    And it's just a box of rain, or a ribbon for your hair;
    Such a long long time to be gone, and a short time to be there.
    Jarlaxle: fact checking this thread makes me want to go all INFP on my wrists

    "I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing."
    -Roger Waters

    ReadingRainbows: OMG GUYS
    ReadingRainbows: GUESS WHAT EXISTS FOR ME
    hel: fairies?
    Captain Curmudgeon: existential angst?

    Johari Nohari

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    Well I'm waiting so patiently
    I'm waiting for a sign
    I'm waiting so patiently
    But I'll wait for the truth

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    Analytical Dreamer Coriolis's Avatar
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    I been standing here waiting mister postman
    So patiently
    For just a card or just a letter
    Saying she's returning home to me

    So many days you passed me by
    See the tear standing in my eye
    You didn't stop to make me feel better
    I've been called a criminal, a terrorist, and a threat to the known universe. But everything you were told is a lie. The truth is, they've taken our freedom, our home, and our future. The time has come for all humanity to take a stand...

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    For all of your kisses turned to spit in my face
    For all that reminds me which is my place
    For all of the times when you made me disappear
    This time I'm sure you will know that I'm here

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    May 2007


    But today life goes on
    No more hiding in yesterday
    Cause yesterday's gone

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    Are they themselves to blame, the misery, the pain?
    Didn't we let go, allowed it, let it grow?
    If we can't restrain the beast which dwells inside
    It will find it's way somehow, somewhere in time
    Will we remember all of the suffering
    Cause if we fail it will be in vain

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    Us, and them
    And after all - we're only ordinary men
    Me, and you
    God only knows it's not what we would choose to do

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    May 2007


    Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed
    Fear today, forgot tomorrow...
    Here beside the news of holy war and holy need
    Ours is just a little sorrowed talk, just blown away

    And I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world
    Somehow I have to find
    And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world
    I will learn to survive.

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    Bloody murder is the best I've heard her scream
    Holy devil in the flesh of my beliefs
    And they take thine majesty so seriously
    'Cause it's the big lies more likely to be believed

    Yeah, holy water's rusted me

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