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    If you could read my mind
    What a tale my thoughts could tell

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    With the cornfields as my witness
    I've run out of brain
    Come on down to the place where I'm drinking
    Come on down like the rain

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    Life is a waterfall
    We’re one in the river
    And one again after the fall

    Swimming through the void
    We hear the word
    We lose ourselves but we find it all

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    You can make a plan
    Carve it into stone
    Like a feather falling
    It is still unknown
    Until the clock speaks up
    Says it's time to go
    You can choose the high
    Or the lower road
    You might clench your fist
    You might fork your tongue
    As you curse or praise
    All the things you've done
    And the faders move
    And the music dies
    As we pass over
    On the arc of time

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    Anew Leaf


    You give me that look that's like laughing
    with liquid in your mouth
    like you're choosing between choking
    and spitting it all out
    like you're trying to fight gravity
    on a planet that insists

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    Used to dream of time machines
    Now it's been said we're post-everything
    As a child, imagining
    Neckties and coastlines
    I've seen the show, man, what a sight
    Drenched us in approximated sunlight
    The crowd was small and mostly blind, but kind
    You're too kind

    Now you are how you were when you were real
    Now you are how you were when you were real

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    Anew Leaf


    I've been waking up slowly
    savoring the same old dream
    and somewhere between
    the folds of your memory
    I was sleeping soundly

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    Oh my morning's coming back
    The whole world's waking up
    This city bus is swimming past
    I'm happy just because
    I found out that I am really no one

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    Anew Leaf


    Between two lungs it was released
    The breath that passed from you to me
    That flew between us as we slept
    That slipped from your mouth into mine it crept

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    Nice dream, if you think that you're strong enough
    Nice dream, if you think that you belong enough
    Nice dream, if you think that you're strong enough
    Nice dream, if you think that you belong enough

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