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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    Don't know if its accurate or not. Happy birthday @Stigmata!

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    Meeting you, with a view to a kill
    Face to face in secret places, feel the chill

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    Your common cold is my trojan horse defeat
    and my fine cuisine is your world catastrophe

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    It's a luscious mix of words and tricks
    That let us bet when you know we should fold
    On rocks I dreamt of where we'd stepped
    And the whole mess of roads we're now on

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    Well, I'm running down the road
    Tryin' to loosen my load
    I've got seven women on my mind
    Four that wanna own me
    Two that wanna stone me
    One says she's a friend of mine

    Take it easy, take it easy
    Don't let the sound of your own wheels
    Drive you crazy
    Lighten up while you still can
    Don't even try to understand
    Just find a place to take your stand
    And take it easy

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    Seventeen seconds and I'm over it
    Ready for the disconnect
    Putting on a brave face
    Trying not to listen
    To the voices in the back of my head

    But it's alright now
    (It's a distant memory baby)
    Alright now
    (You know you should just let it go)

    Some feelings have a habit of persisting
    Even though you wouldn't let it show

    Wearing me out
    (All this)
    Hanging around
    (It just starts)
    Getting me down
    (Till I'm just)
    Looking for an easy way out

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    Are you such a dreamer
    To put the world to rights
    I'll stay home forever
    Where two and two always makes a five
    I'll lay down the tracks
    Sandbag and hide
    January has April showers
    And two and two always makes a five
    It's the devil's way now
    There is no way out
    You can scream and you can shout
    It is too late now
    Because you're not there
    "It is not length of life, but depth of life." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "Thought breeds thought." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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    I'm the next act
    Waiting in the wings
    I'm an animal
    Trapped in your parked car
    I am holidays
    That you choose to ignore

    You are all I need
    You are all I need
    I'm in the middle of your picture
    Lying in the leaves

    I am a moth
    Who just wants to share your light
    I'm just an insect
    Trying to get out of the night

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    Jan 2010


    The thin darkness here
    Not strong enough to make you appear
    I once changed my style
    They said hello I said goodbye

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    But if you go
    I won't cry
    Though the good is gone
    From the word goodbye
    If you go away
    As I know you must
    There'll be nothing left
    In this world to trust
    Just an empty room
    Full of empty space
    Like the empty look
    I see on your face
    And I'd have been the shadow
    Of your shadow
    If it might have kept me
    By your side

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