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    In high school I played soccer, and during the off season my coach and his family (they had like 5 amazing soccer-playing kids), and some other teammates and friends played games for fun on the weekend. So, I was a fairly decent player back in the day...and this one time I had a HUGE and perfect breakaway for the goal. There was nothing except for me and the goal right in front of me. What do I do.....?

    For probably the first time in the 9 years I had played, I was running with the ball, but when I went to kick it in the goal I somehow stepped right on top of the ball causing me to fall completly over and wipe out. So not only did I not make the goal that was completely wide open, but my knee was bleeding everywhere too. Not to mention that I had a huge crush on my coach's son at the time who witnessed the whole thing...oops!

    At least now-a-days I find the story funny

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    LOL. Here, my mom describes what happened to her at work today. I got it recorded.

    Btw, when my mom talks about the men's bathroom, it's because the women's bathroom toilet overflowed at her workplace, forcing everyone to use the men's room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    holy shit am I a feeler?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    Strangely, this ENTP feels empathy for the injured people in the ENFP's gleeful stories.

    Must be a blue moon or something.
    Oberon, your emoticon cracks me up.

    You see, I laugh easily. I'm the kind of person that laughs out loud all of a sudden while driving, studying, sitting inocuously in a cafe. I've always been like that, I don't know why. I think I'm easily amused. I see humor in many contexts, because humor is often about the unexpected .

    And don't worry, I don't laugh at people's pain it's more I laugh WITH people. I understand your concern, I don't mock people in distress or revel in their misfortune. Unless I dislike them.

    I was very concerned for my friends in both stories and I really feel for people experiencing physical or emtional pain. I actually kind feel a bit of sympathetic pain... So I wasn't making light or enjoying their pain.

    But others' REACTIONS to their pain in their stories -- pretty funny. They also saw the humor in it and I think they understood I was commiserating with them.

    And I think laughter is good medicine.

    Does that help? Or make you want to share yet? I swear I'm a nice normal cuddly ENFP

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    Well, okay.

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    Riding my bike down a hill, around a corner to cut through a gas station lot and slamed into the back of a big yellow school bus. I was not thinking on Earth at the time and I ended up breaking a bone in my hand. Laughed my ass off though with the station attendants. The bus driver gave me a ride to school that day. I still laugh about it.
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