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    Default Wild horses goes international...

    Soooooo I may get the chance to go and live in Florida at the end of next year Which means close proximity to my most favoured place in the WHOLE WORLD... Disneyland (No joke!) So I wanna know... where are the best places in Florida.. what is it like to live there??? Social life etc.. way of life etc etc...
    HEY my little Floridians... take pity on a clueless wild horse and give me some heads up
    ... couldn't drag me away

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    Cool news!

    Living in Florida varies widely depending on what area. I don't know the specifics personally, but there are several people from Florida on the forum.

    Are you limited in your choice of where to live, or is it anywhere in the state?
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    I hope it doesn't burst your bubble for me to tell you that you'll be close to Disney World and not Disney Land [Southern California]. I went to Disney Land as a kid, but have never been to Disney World.

    Where are you will you be traveling from? I assume you'll be relocating to central or southern Florida. I used to live on the coast in Alabama and would make occasional trips with the family to Pensacola beach (very northern part of the state). Really nice beaches there. That's been my only experience in Florida though.

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