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    Default News from Finland

    Translated from original piece at

    Checked the level of gasoline with a lighter - industrial hall burned to the ground

    The source of ignition for the industrial hall that burned down in Orimattila friday evening have been confirmed to be the use of fire in an urban legend -like manner. The man suspected of arson was released today.

    The man told in the police interrogations to have been working in the industrial hall and transferring gasoline from one canister to another. He decided to check the gasoline level of the canister he had filled in the light of a cigarette lighter, causing the fumes near the opening of the canister to ignite. The mess following the ignition lead to the canisters falling on their sides and to spill about 20 liters of burning gasoline on the hall floor. The man was slightly injured from the burns.

    The calls of help attracted two other men working in the hall, but they failed to extinguish the fire, which rapidly spread to the hall's structures.

    When the fire brigade arrived, the building was no longer salvageable.

    Along with the building, two trucks, several cars, over a ten motorcycles, tens of old mopeds and machinery of the Megalattiat Inc were destroyed. The cars were being renovated at the hall, and the motorcycles were being stored inside for the winter.

    The owners of the property destroyed in the fire are being asked to contact the police of Orimattila.

    Btw, If u wish to point out errors in grammar or spelling, you are free to do so. There's only so much that I can do myself. I'd be interested to know how many mistakes I make.

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    I love disaster stories!!!

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