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    Default Why evil overlords of type XXXX fail...

    This thread is inspired by a remark made in the INFP villain thread:
    "... an INFP wanting to stab someone else with a knife but holding the sharp end in his hand, thus wounding himself".

    We all know evil overlords fail. What is the cause of their failure?

    ESTJ: We've always won the battles with our swords. Never change a winning weapon. I'm not buying these gun things. (gets shot)
    ESFJ: There is peace in my empire now. All soldiers can go home and be with their wives and children again. (there is no army left)
    ISTJ: ?
    ISFJ: ?

    ENTJ: I'm not listening to any advice. I'm the boss, you're my minion. (Minion rebels)
    ENTP: I'm adding a new feature to my superweapon... (gets stabbed with a knife)
    INTJ: ?
    INTP: ?

    ESTP: The hero is the best cook, I'm hiring him for cooking the victory feast. (gets poisoned)
    ESFP: Taxes? Roads? You take care of these things, Minion. (Minion becomes Overlord)
    ISTP: ?
    ISFP: ?

    ENFJ: I'm not an *evil* overlord! I'm not! (gets smashed by Evil God)
    ENFP: Can't those enemies wait? I'm interested in immortality right now! (enemies don't wait)
    INFJ: ?
    INFP: I rather torture myself than anybody else. (gets tortured)

    Okay... I didn't find a lot of failure reasons for the introvert overlords. Still, I'm quite sure a lot of evil overlords in literature or movies are introvert. Any ideas?

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    ESTP: He had a special outfit made just for him that was incredibly fancy, totally impractical and extreamly expensive. He fumbled on the stairs because of the costume, fell down and broke his neck. End of story.

    ESTJ: He had it all planned out, he was emerging victorious, but at the final hour, he decided to have a grand speech, in which he described his master plans in detail to prove his superiority. These were his last words.

    INTP: He could have enslaved the world, but then again... why bother? It would still be full of ignorants.

    INFJ: More than capable of creating an army of zealots... but conquering the world is just too rude.

    ESFP: "Evil overlords are sooooooo last season."

    ENTP: "You shall face the wrath of my laser-armed band of super-mutant-kangaroo-dog cyborgs! Ermm... guys? Seriously, you should attack them... now. Stop scratching yourself and fight! Bloody dog-mutants. I know I should have used cats. Hmm... that gave me an idea... we'll need loads of bubblegum and dozens of malevolent rats!"
    "The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."
    -Nikola Tesla

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    Oh God, I'm an XXXX!!!

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