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    "Please refer to posts #1 through to #30"... Come on, smile people!!
    ... They say that knowledge is free, and to truly acquire wisdom always comes with a price... Well then,... That will be $10, please!

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    You'll need a bit of context, but this is a candidate for the dumbest thing I ever heard (and I've heard a lot).

    There was a show on Discovery or TLC or something, about daunting semi-mystical tasks performed by people. One that was discussed was walking on hot coals. The show focused a bit on international amateurs that were learning how to do it just like the Indian yogis. Well it was easy to figure out how the trick was actually done... it involves sweat. But they went and asked these amateurs for an explanation of how they thought it worked.
    One of the people asked, some lumberjack/hippie looking guy from the USA contributed the following:

    Interviewer: How do you believe you are capable of walking on these coals unharmed?

    Lumberjack Hippie: Like, I believe in a 4th dimension.

    If you're looking for an elaboration, there isn't one. That was his answer. I was a kid when I saw this, but it has not left me. Sometimes, I still think about it in my head over and over. How does that response line up with the question at all? What could he mean? I'm almost sure there's nothing he could have meant that isn't extremely retarded.

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    "Was Iraq dangerous?"
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    Hmm.. Many of the things in this thread may well be things that I would say as a joke.

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