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Thread: The tampon game

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    Twelve Angry Tampons (Twelve Angry Men)
    I am the Tampon (I am the Walrus, Beatles)
    Strawberry Tampons Forever (Strawberry Field Forever)

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    I'm just going to look at my bookcase and insert tampon in the appropriate spot.

    Mystic Tampons

    Fabric of the Tampon

    The Cosmic Tampon

    Tampon was a Neuroscrientist

    The Black Tampon

    Man and his Tampons

    Lies my Tampon told me

    Wuthering Tampons

    Tropic of Tampon

    Dante's Divine Tampon

    My Big Book of Tampon Stories

    The Magic Tampon

    Thus Spoke Tampon

    A Tale of Two Tampons

    The Dharma Tampons

    The Loneliest Tampon

    The Tampons of Titan

    Gravity's Tampon

    The Great Atlas of the Tampon

    A Novel Approach to Tampons

    Tampons and the Occult

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
    I'm just going to look at my bookcase and insert tampon in the appropriate spot.
    That sounds like a good idea. Except this isn't my book case, but it will do.

    Are we living in the tampon times?

    The joyful tampon

    A tale of two tampons

    The Crusades - Iron tampons and saints

    Love poems and tampons of William Shakespeare

    Price guide to Antiques and Tampon glass

    The tampon factor

    Tampon angels

    The Christmas Tampon

    Tampon of the shrew

    Meeting new tampons

    The Holy Tampon - King James Version

    Tampons of Wrath

    The Tampon

    The English tampons of John Milton

    Tampons of Grass

    Get a grip on tampons

    He still moves tampons

    No wonder they call him the tampon

    When tampon whispers your name

    Renaissance tampons

    A gentle tampon

    Runaway heart and the promise of the tampon

    Tampon Crusoe

    Our Sacred Tampon

    The Illiad and the Tampon

    The Tampon was right

    William Shakespeare - The complete tampon

    King Author and the Tampons of the Round Table

    Arabian Tampons

    The wind in the tampon

    Tampons for Christmas

    North American tampons

    Helpful tampons

    The ultimate hitchhiker's tampon

    Life's tampons


    Then, there are the movies:

    Back to the Tampon

    Honey, I Shrunk the Tampons

    The Tampon before time

    Tampon Wars

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    All I want for Christmas is tampons (Mariah Carey)
    Sympathy for the Tampon (Rolling stones)
    TAMPONS! in the disco
    I kissed a tampon (Katy Perry)
    Tamponface (Lady GaGa)
    Smells like tampon spirit (Nirvana)
    Le fabuleux tampon d'Amélie Poulain
    Schindler's Tampon
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Tampon
    Charlie and the Tampon Factory
    Monty Python and the Holy Tampon
    The Green Tampon
    The Tampon of Oz
    The Life of Tampon
    Finding Tamponland
    The Dark Tampon
    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Tampon of Fleet Street
    The Tampon Code
    Bridget Jones's Tampon
    Big Tampon
    Meet the Tampons
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