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    skinny jeans would look quite ridiculous on my figure. my younger sisters both wear them, but they have better legs/bodies for them. I generally wear jeans that fit tight on my hips and butt, but are a bit looser everywhere else. i like bootcut jeans as well. i hate jeans that sit at or above my waist. i want them to fit at my hips.
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    The only thing from the 80's that I was hoping would come back was high waist jeans. I am thickest around my hips/butt so those low rider jeans don't fit my waist and I have either painted on legs or reverse cleavage. No thanks. I have a small waist but big butt and wide hips so it's hard to find jeans that look okay. I wear them tighter through the hips/butt and flat in the front with a straight line from the top of the thigh down. This is a baggier look than most but it balances my figure because my calves are too small for my butt. It's a little contradictory since they're tight jeans with baggy legs.

    I don't like skinny jeans but I don't like anything that's restrictive around my legs. If I can't squat down to look at something on the bottom shelf without resistance, I can't wear them.

    I tossed everything from the 90's... my raver jeans and shiny shirts, my flannels, my combat boots, my Rocky Mountain jeans and lace-up cowboy boots... I never thought I would have a child to embarrass with them (like I could get into those jeans post-child!)

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    I wear both skinny and baggy jeans. Just depends on if i am going for the casual look (with trainers) or smart hip look (flats, nice top).
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    I don't mind jeans with a slimmer cut.

    But Men that wear these:

    .......mass genocide needs to be committed on these "guys".

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    I'm a skinny jeans wearer. Anything else kind of overwhelms my figure as I'm short-ish. I really do hate having to watch it when I get out of a car or bend down though :/.

    I don't like skinny jeans on men unless they are skinny themselves. Tall is also good.

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    Neither for me. I like the old style flare cut rather than baggy through out. It's about the only thing that fits reasonably up top and I'm happy with down at the calves. I couldn't stand heavy material around my calves and ankles. Too stiff, and restricts movement. I don't mind it tighter above the knees though. I guess that kind of tells you how I move.
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    I like both.

    Found a pair of baggy jeans at BCBG for $19. Yeeeah.

    Depends on the weather/what I feel like wearing.

    Thank goodness hammer pants are out. The ones in tire track prints? In neon green/pink? With those bigass ponchos? Man.

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    I generally wear bootcut jeans. I have a few pairs of skinny jeans, but I don't wear them that often. They generally make people look like a cone. I'm getting used to seeing guys in skinny jeans, but it still looks silly to me. Of course, so does the emo-style haircut that generally accompanies said jeans.
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    Until I'm skinny, I'll never tolerate skinny jeans. Even then, I'll never love them.

    I'm a boot-cut, bell-bottom kinda girl. The baggy jeans hanging past your ass doesn't tickle me though either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    Until I'm skinny, I'll never tolerate skinny jeans. Even then, I'll never love them.

    I'm a boot-cut, bell-bottom kinda girl. The baggy jeans hanging past your ass doesn't tickle me though either.
    Yeah, actually the girl Im dating wears bell bottom type jeans (but super skinny)

    but my roommate, she helps me with the majority of my shopping, prefers the straight leg, skinny type of jeans. (but little bit chunkier)

    so are they both "in fashion" for girls? for some reason, maybe bc i knew my roommate longer, i thought the girl im dating was "out of fashion" for wearing bell bottom jeans. is that a wrong thought?

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