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  • I NEED to have the TV for noise on while I am awake and also to fall asleep

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  • I keep the TV on during my waking hours for the noise.

    7 11.29%
  • If I don't have the TV on, I get anxious that I am missing something

    2 3.23%
  • I love TV and I watch from eight to six hours daily.

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  • I watch about two or four hours of TV each day.

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  • If something is on that I want to see, I watch, I can't miss my favorite shows!

    15 24.19%
  • I can take or leave TV

    23 37.10%
  • I do watch some TV but a lot of TV I cannot abide

    25 40.32%
  • I hate TV and I never watch it

    4 6.45%
  • I hate when other people leave the TV on all the time, the constant noise

    18 29.03%
  • Other---Please explain

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Thread: ~ The TV ~

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    Retired Member Wonkavision's Avatar
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    Jan 2009


    I can take it or leave it.

    Most of what's on it is shit, in my opinion, but there have been many good things on it as well.

    I like to watch Charlie Rose, and the occasional cooking show.




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    Do you like Tavis Smiley? I like to catch his show on late night PBS.

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    I'm a star. Kangirl's Avatar
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    Dec 2008


    Other. I don't own a TV but I do watch a number of shows I love online (True Blood, Weeds, Trailer Park Boys)
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    I have grown out of the TV habit. It's just been replaced by the Internet habit, though. The Internet is different in some respects, but in others it is just like the kind of crap I'd watch on the TV. (I often hunt for movies or TV shows to watch online.)

    I don't like when people leave the TV on for comfort-noise, because it wastes electricity and money (not sure by how much). Though lots of times I keep the fan on for background noise when trying to go to sleep.
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    Free-Rangin' Librarian Jae Rae's Avatar
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    I cannot abide commercials so I almost never watch commercial TV. Last summer my daughter wanted me to watch Project Runway and I almost screamed from the commercials. We get NUMB3RS and other shows on Netflix. That's my solution - Netflix and dvds from the library.

    I also stopped watching PBS because I can often see their programs later via dvd, although I watch ACL occasionally.
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    full of love Kingfisher's Avatar
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    May 2009


    i don't own a TV, and i don't watch TV or movies online. sometimes i watch my favorite movies on my laptop, but that is pretty rare honestly. maybe once or twice a month?

    but i do like to have music playing at home almost all the time, except when i sleep.

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    Senior Member Kyrielle's Avatar
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    I like the TV just fine, but most days it's off. Part of it is because I have a roommate who is as quiet as a mouse, so I try to be the same way, but much of it is because there's nothing I want to watch. It's great if I feel like vegging out and watching a movie or something for a couple of hours, but after that, I get pretty bored and go do something on the computer instead.

    It seems my tolerance for most things television related has decreased the less I watch TV. And my ability to hear that really high-pitched hum/ring that most "analogue" (ones with tubes or whatever) TVs give off can drive me up a wall if I haven't been desensitised to the sound by watching regularly. I've asked so many other people if they could hear that sound, but apparently only one roommate of mine ever could. The others all look at me like I'm a little nutty or imagining things.
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    Senior Member chasingAJ's Avatar
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    I hate TV. A few years ago I studied the effects of introducing television to a small rural village. In less than a generation, the women/girls in the village had unhealthy body image issues. My ex was a TV freak and when we divorced I vowed to turn the TV off for good. Last October I turned on cable TV to see the election coverage and my daughter wanted to watch the children's channels. I watched about 15 minutes of 12 year old girls in skimpy clothes before I was livid. A girl said that one of the boys was hot enough to bake cookies on and I turned it off. I told kiddo she could watch the animated shows but that's all... 2 days later my (then) 5 year old asks me if she's sexy over dinner and I unscrewed the cable box and yelled at the cable company until it went away.

    I'm studying sociology, so understanding the pop-culture references would be somewhat helpful but not watching TV has had advantages for me. It's easy to break down advertisement and trace the source of trends/ideology when the TV isn't there to skew things. My daughter has had a few issues with peers because she doesn't imitate the sassy consumption machines on TV but overall, I don't think I'm going to have to pay for any more therapy this way. We have a wii and she can surf on her computer (which SO has locked down tighter than Ft. Knox... yay IT geeks!) so she's not completely without technology (I think that is crippling in our society/economy).

    Oh.. and a funny:
    My daughter watched TV with Dad on her summer visitation. She came back mesmerized by infomercials. She told me all about some sort of drain snake and a styling tool that curls and flattens. Since she wasn't desensitized to it, she thought they were important news that someone was telling her about. She came home and told me all about how everyone needs one of these drain thingies now, very matter-of-fact. She memorized the whole commercial and went on this passionate rant about it. After a long talk we made a new house rule "We don't buy anything that's advertised on TV." The beauty of this is that she doesn't watch TV so Mommy gets to determine what has been on TV. I have an (inevitably short lived) escape from the temptation to buy more plastic crap from China

    Edited to add: Yes, I can hear the humming of the TV. I can also hear the humming of most computer speakers and they have to be turned off (not muted through the PC). My ex (the TV freak) told me I was insane on both counts.

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    I can take or leave TV. I used to watch TV a lot of when I was a teenager. Never miss my favourite shows. But I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I don't mind watching it when there's something interesting on but usually there's not. I've deliberately avoided subscribing to any cable, satellite or even digital TV because I know I'll never watch most of the stuff.

    I've never developed the habit of running the TV all through the day and it irritates me whenever I visit people who like to do that. I have to have at least a day of complete silence after that. The brain is buzzing too much. I guess some people find it comforting when they're alone in the house and they've developed a habit and they've gotten so used to it that they don't even notice that they're doing that.

    If I do manage to watch TV, I actually like the commercials when they're new and interesting but they get boring very fast and then they're plain irritating. I'm also a channel flipper but I have like four channels altogether
    Infomercials crack me up because it's so amusing to watch what crackpot ideas people have come up with.

    Edit: Unless there's some big sports thing on (the Olympics and stuff like that). Then I'm glued to the TV.
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    For the most part, my TV sits there collecting dust. In the fall I will watch sports on it - baseball playoffs and football, but only what's on broadcast tv - I don't have cable or satellite.

    I do watch TV shows, but almost all on dvd or the internet. Mostly the classic shows of my youth and not the crapola that's on tv nowadays like "Who Wants to Go on a Date with a Celebrity Drug-Addicted Chimp?" or whatever the hell that stuff is.
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