Florida's Hydroponic Pot: House-Grown and Super-Potent - Yahoo! News
WTF? This article almost explains how to cultivate. Now that we all know how to cultivate it (giving the symbol 'cultivate' a whole new meaning), might as well help the economy by keeping more money here. Since oil is the biggest donater of our money to other countries and we can't drill here, how about taking advantage of our second biggest donater to other countries and make attempts to keep our money here.

The idea: Have the feds ignore all federal laws to manufacturing and sales of reefer so long as either the state or county (local) folks are cool with it. That way we don't disenfranchise some states and local majorities....we're already polarized enough as it is. Reefer (the hooch) is going to be there legal or not. Might as well try to get its average strength back to a realistic (livable) level too. Alot of folks suffer from all kinds of modern psychological phenomena from grass (weed) that's way too strong. Let's face it, it's just way too strong nowadays. Thus, it is too synthetic.

The way to do it (open the door, if you will), have state and local watchdogs oversee its strength and have a limit of about 12% THC. Reasonable? The tax alone will more than pay for the beaurocracy to regulate it. How many alcohol bootlegers you find these days?.....

This is in the FZ because i don't want to disenfranchise anyone strongly against reefer legalization in any form. i'd say, a pretty good f-ster move, ay?..."to open the door" in a way