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    Default Where have YOU traveled to?

    I'm going on another world vacation with my family...we took one about 4 years ago and visited relatives in the middle east, relatives in Germany and England and relatives in Kenya. This time we're just going to Amsterdam, London and Kenya. I guess immigrant families are the ones more likely to travel to third world countries? Because a lot of my friends are shocked that I would want to spend a summer in Nairobi Kenya even though I find it wonderful and the scenery there is just amazing...but yeah how many places have you visited? And which one of those places would you move to if you had the chance?
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    Canada, England, Ireland, Wales...

    Dh has traveled pretty much everywhere in Africa.

    I'd move to anywhere in Africa pretty easily, given that there wasn't a ton of political unrest.
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    Only two places I've been outside of the U.S. : Montreal, and Cancun.

    Within the U.S. :
    Catskill Mountains in New York
    Appalachian Mountains - Pocono, Blue Ridge, Smoky
    Florida Keys - cool canals as streets for boats
    New Orleans
    Gettysburg Battlefield and Bull Run Battlefield

    Wouldn't want to live in these places. Well, maybe the mountains. I'd like to see more historic battlefields.

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    I travelled to Hinchinbrook Island, off the coast of Queensland.

    I walked out onto a spit of sand until there was only the Moon and the ocean remaining.

    And then I wondered why there were two high tides every day.

    I could understand why there was one high tide every day as the Moon traversed the Earth once a day. But two - I couldn't understand that.

    But nonetheless, standing on a spit of sand between heaven and earth, the high tide washed my feet twice a day.

    But all I remember is that the earth disappeared and all that remained was the blue Moon and the blue ocean and me - and now, you.

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    I haven't traveled nearly as much as I'd like to....

    I probably would not move to any of these places. I like California the best of them...
    I might consider Japan, but I'd need to spend more time there. I might consider New Mexico, if not for the weather, and I'd more likely prefer Santa Fe to Albuquerque.

    As a child:
    Japan (briefly)
    Up the coast of California, through Oregon, to Washington State

    As a teen & adult:
    Orlando, Florida
    Austin, Texas
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Phoenix, Arizona (briefly)
    Mexico border towns
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    I love traveling, and I haven't done enough. Some trips I've taken...

    I've done a cross-country drive twice, once east and once west, one time the northern route and one time the southern. I highly recommend it to any Americans.

    Florida Keys sailing trip
    Disney World three times
    Vancouver, Canada
    Hong Kong
    Ireland twice
    Rosarito, Mexico
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    I don't think your friends should be that worried; other than the usual safety disclaimers about certain areas in big cities, Nairobi's fine if one keeps their wits about them.

    I haven't traveled much compared to some friends I have (some have been to 40+ countries and they're only in their 20s/30s). So far, I've only been to Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, Tanzania and Malaysia. Plan to go backpacking across Europe sometime within the next three years and Africa shortly after that.

    My favorite places were Puteri Dayang Bunting (Island of the Pregnant Maiden) in Malaysia and Toulouse in France. I loved the utter tranquility and natural beauty of the former and the vibe of the latter. I also love camping by Lake Naivasha in my native Kenya. There's a 'surrealness' about pitching up one's tent ten metres from 3,000kilogram grazing hippos with only a 3ft high electric fence for protection.

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    Let's see...

    I was born in Chicago, but I lived in Dallas by age 1.

    I was taken on a camping trip to Arkansas when I was 8. I hated it.

    I also went on a trip to Virginia Beach to see an aunt when I was 16.

    Aside from Dallas and Mansfield (the two places I've lived), those are the only places I've ever traveled to.

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    Czech Republic

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    Germany (what beer, what food!), France, Switzerland, & Italy. Freiburg Munster, Paris, Basel, and Cinque Terre were... breathtaking. I've trotted around Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and Texas and passed through many other U.S. states.

    I love road trips. I need a travel buddy. Flying, sailing (now that would be something), driving --I don't care. I love discovery.
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