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    Fallujah, Iraq

    That's basically it as far as outside the country goes. I still can't believe I live in Texas and have never been down to Mexico to party.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mo View Post
    ^ How cool! A fellow Kenyan Somali! Yes, Kenyan. I shall discount every other nationality in you save for the most important.

    I imagine life as a female Somali ENTP is not exactly easy, eh? Our society being... eh, closed-minded ('narrow' would be stretching it) as it is.

    Where do you live at the moment?
    My parents are pretty modern, especially my mom she goes all over the place, autism is her newest obsession so she goes off traveling all over North America to conferences and seminars it's pretty cool. Although I do get into a lot of spats with her religion wise...she says I ask too many questions

    I live in Canada by the way, I guess that's why I don't find myself nearly as stifled as I probably would've been had I been born somewhere else.
    Men are like parking spaces/the good ones are always taken and the ones left are handicapped or to small.

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    I've been to almost every state in the US, except for Oregon and Washington.
    Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
    London, England and the surrounding areas
    Paris, France
    Cozumel, Mexico
    Key West
    Cayman Islands
    Something Witty

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