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    Starting with the most exciting (includes surrounding areas):

    • Cleveland, Ohio
    • Columbus, Ohio
    • Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Akron, Ohio
    • Toledo, Ohio
    • Dayton, Ohio
    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Buffalo, New York
    • Niagara Falls, Ontario
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Windsor, Ontario
    • Orlando, Florida
    • Las Vegas, Nevada

    As you can see, I've been to Ohio a lot of times.

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    I live in Central PA (Harrisburg), about 45 minutes from Lancaster, 2 hours from Philly, 90 minutes from Baltimore, and 4 hours from Pittsburgh.

    Just counting the "big leaps":
    Boston, MA
    Florida (and all the states down along the coast)
    China (Beijing, Wuhan, Ghangzhou, and Shanghai)
    Texas (Dallas and Ft. Worth)
    California (San Diego)
    Colorado (Colorado Springs / Garden of the Gods)
    Seattle, WA
    Portland, Ore
    Cozumel, Mexico
    Wisconsin (Milwaukee up through Appleton)
    Dayton, OH
    Chicago, IL

    I loved Colorado and would love to live there due to the general terrain/weather, although that area is also far too conservative for me.

    My other love was Portland, and traveling to the Oregon coast. I could sit there and watch the ocean forever -- it's like a living breathing organism, with strange exotic patterns almost apparent amid its chaos.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

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    born/live in Croatia

    USA, Chicago
    Czech Republic

    next destination, hopefully; Ireland and NYC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthetic Darkness View Post
    I'm going on another world vacation with my family...we took one about 4 years ago and visited relatives in the middle east, relatives in Germany and England and relatives in Kenya. This time we're just going to Amsterdam, London and Kenya. I guess immigrant families are the ones more likely to travel to third world countries? Because a lot of my friends are shocked that I would want to spend a summer in Nairobi Kenya even though I find it wonderful and the scenery there is just amazing...but yeah how many places have you visited? And which one of those places would you move to if you had the chance?
    Wow that's amazing. I've always thought it'd be nice to travel all around and get a feel of all of the different cultures. As for me, I've only traveled outside of my home country once. It was to Canada to see the Niagra Falls. I was like four or something, so I don't really remember it. Other than that, I've been to many of the eastern states in the US. And if I could, I'd move to Florida and have this big house with palm trees and a pool in the backyard.

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    I remember my Aunt Vera went on a world trip and came back with two friends. And the three of them were having tea with my family and me.

    But all they did was list the places they'd been.

    And they kept on with the list - with all the details on the list - but at no time did they deviate from the details of their list of places they visited - not once, not once, did they detour into their imagination.

    At first I thought that all the exotic places they visited just did not stir their imagination. And then to my suprrise, it was born in on me that they had no imagination.

    In fact none of them, not one of the three world travellers, had any imagination at all. And that lack of imagination was the very reason they travelled at all.

    I was nonplussed and failed to conceal it from our guests. And they must have noticed, for as they were leaving, one of them said to me, "You think we're strange, don't you?".

    I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to say.

    I had hoped for stories from the heart of darkness only to discover that it is tourism itself that is the heart of darkness.

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    ^ Sounds to me like sour grapes, Victor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mo View Post
    ^ Sounds to me like sour grapes, Victor.
    I stand by the existential philosopher, Martin Heidegger, who felt that tourism poisoned our very sense of Being.

    In fact tourism is so poisonous that Martin's hut in the Black Forest has been turned into a tourist attraction.

    And I'll bet my boots that not one in a thousand tourists to Martin's Black Forest hut has even read one work of Martin Heidegger.

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    ^ You're drawing a parallel between tourists and travelers. There is a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mo View Post
    ^ You're drawing a parallel between tourists and travelers. There is a difference.
    C'mon, "travellers", is a fig leaf to cover chic, middle class tourism.

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    ^ How so? If I were to decide tomorrow to take the 6hr drive to Mombasa and indulge in a bit of sun and ocean-swimming, what in those actions would invite accusations of 'a lack of imagination' and 'poisoning the very sense of my being'?

    Objectively speaking.

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