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    Default Who here likes souffle??

    I like souffle.

    Not really. Never eaten it. I just use it on forums cos it sounds kinda similar to my real name. *Kinda*. But I do like donuts..


    WHO ELSE LIKES SOUFFLE?? (or donuts?)

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    no replies? that is a crime.

    i like souffles! in fact, i make them all the time. seasonal fruit souffles, sure, but my specialty are individual Ghiradelli chocolate souffles with hot, steamy insides. divine with a dusting of powdered sugar and some berries or creme fraiche/whipped creme on the side. also, stupidly easy to make. here's the recipe!

    and, yes, i also like donuts. but that shit's unbelievably fattening. krispy kreme is like crack so i tend to avoid. they're deceptively thin and delicate looking.
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