I/E - Intellectual/Extravagant
S/N - Serf/Noble
T/F - Terse/Formal
J/P - Jerk/Peabrain

So by my system, it's best to be an Intellectual Noble Formal Jerk (INFJ), and worst to be an Extravagant Serf Terse Peabrain (ESTP).

Nah, it's not biased AT ALL.

One could also counter with:

I/E - Isolationist/Explorer
S/N - Serious/Nonchalant
T/F - Tough/Freaky
J/P - Joke/Practical

In this case... it's best to be an Explorer Serious Tough Practical (ESTP), and worst to be an Isolationist Nonchalant Freaky Joke (INFJ).

Do you see the possibilities now? Good. Come up with a biased way of making your type obviously superior to your shadow. Come on, feed your ego!