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    your resident asshole /DG/'s Avatar
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    Mar 2009


    Type: possible ISTJ

    Mood: very tired

    Current time: 3:15pm

    What I've done today:

    * Got up at around 6am
    * Fell back asleep until around 6:35am
    * Got dressed and hurried to school. No time for breakfast.
    * Trudged through seven boring hours of classes with little socializing (as usual)
    --lunch in between
    * Waited for mom to pick me up
    * Drove home.
    * Went upstairs to my room and onto my laptop, which brings us to where I am now.

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    full of love Kingfisher's Avatar
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    May 2009


    type: ISTP

    mood: 1:00 PM: energized!
    9:00 PM: exhausted.
    10:00 PM and on: happy and emotionally receptive!

    current time: 12:33 PM

    what i have done today:

    - woke up at 7:30 AM
    - had breakfast: eggs bacon milk
    - went to work, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. (finished excavating hole for a foundation)
    - played basketball with friends for an hour and half or so
    - logged on here while grilling chicken for lunch
    - read some articles online, emailed long-distance friends
    - went back to work at 3:00 PM. worked standing on my feet for 6 hours.
    - took a meal-break around 6:00 PM, ate leftover grilled chicken from lunch
    - got off work at 9:00 PM and went home
    - made dinner with my girlfriend (tamales)
    - talked/hung out with girlfriend
    - had sex with girlfriend, she fell asleep afterwards
    - just now logged on the internet, at 10:50 PM
    - looked at various things online, while also:
    - went back and forth between different things: looked at stuff online, read poetry books, made lunch for my girlfriend to take to work tomorrow.
    - 12:33 AM, am logging of internet to go to sleep. setting my alarm for 8:00 tomorrow. i never wake up during the night, so that will make 24 hours!

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    The Black Knight Domino's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    4w3 sx/so
    eNFJ Ni


    Type: eNFJ

    Mood: dyspeptic and generally confused

    Time: 3:58 pm

    *Speaking to Grayscale on IM and growing more and more disgusted with his namby-pamby limp-wristed easily-bruised poetry-writing "Understand me!" whining while I roll him around on the ground and daintily kick him with my tiny slippers
    *Computer grew offended as well and locked up
    *Went upstairs to roust unwell sister out of bed so she can eat
    *Went downstairs to open a bag of fig newtons for her
    *Opened back door for some sunlight and was waylaid by ninjas
    *Battled ninjas for about 8 and a half minutes
    *Called a time out
    *Agreed to meet up again after snack break
    eNFJ 4w3 sx/so 468 tritype
    Neutral Good
    EII-Fi subtype, Ethical/Empath, Delta/Beta
    RLUEI, Choleric/Melancholic
    AIS Holland code
    Researcher: VDI-P

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    full of love Kingfisher's Avatar
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    May 2009


    i just edited my first post, rather than repeat the same information.

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    ish red no longer *sad* nightning's Avatar
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    Apr 2007


    Nightning: INFJ

    Current mood: apathetic, foot STILL hurts :steam:

    Current time: 10:15 p.m.

    What I have done today:
    Continuation from before

    - finished today's experiment. Drug has no significant effect, what a surprise...
    - had lunch
    - menstrual cramps sucks
    - left lab early because of that
    - headed home by bus. Noticed pain makes for poor body temp regulation
    - wind helps a bit
    - curled up in bed and napped for 2 hrs
    - cramp's better after nap. Poor foot still bothers me.
    - placed a pressure bandage around foot. Helped a bit before my foot gone numb from lack of circulation and I removed it
    - prepared and ate dinner, washed dishes
    - sitting in front of comp listening to the radio and pondering whether I should wrap up my foot again.
    My stuff (design & other junk) lives here:

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    Senior Member prplchknz's Avatar
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    Jun 2007



    mood: sneezy and apologetic

    10:30 wake up

    current time: 2:20ish am

    what i did
    *ate a bagel
    *saw my internet at my old place hadn't been cancelled and I was still being charged, dealt with that and got my money back.
    *accidently paid credit card
    *called admissions at U of M
    *called help desk to find out why i couldn't register
    *called mom to tell her I had an outstanding balance
    *got back online and paid the balance
    *called the bank to find out I have to wait for the money to go through before I can reverse, so now I only have $21 in my checking account.
    *swore I never wanted to talk to customer service again
    *got on vent
    *went to store
    *watched south park ^
    *had nachos
    *unloaded dishwasher
    *organized under the sink
    *cleaned toilet
    *realized my clothes weigh 3 pounds (I'm 132 clothed 129 naked)
    *watched tv
    *ate spaghetti

    ^watched two dvds of south park so until watched tv south park was on
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Pronounced eye-ee-dee Eiddy's Avatar
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    Apr 2009


    Thanks everyone!! I will now close the survey it has been 24 hours and I will compile the data, as soon as I get over this headache.
    Johari / Nohari

    Enneagram 1w2/Lifepath 1/first zodiac sign Aries/first Chinese zodiac sign RAT/first born in my siblings of 3. Did I forget to mention first?

    Independent Director

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