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    Quote Originally Posted by norepinephrine View Post
    And carrying cat shit around all day is less objectionable than having one's card lifted?
    Yuh. Put it in a little plastic bag labelled SKUNK.

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    Sorry to hear that! My entire wallet got stolen this year. That's why I don't carry cash. I was really pissed off about the wallet though as it was a one of a kind gift. I cancelled my credit card maybe 20 minutes after I discovered it was stolen. And double checked in the morning that it had been cancelled and no charges made. I checked again online later in the day for charges.

    My bank told me that even if someone tries to run the card after you report it stolen and it's cancelled, the bank won't tell you. You have to ask them specifically and keep checking. This is because since the card is cancelled, its considered 'dead' and there is no need to report to you the attempted usage on it.

    PS If the person who stole your card is ever caught, having charges linking them to your card actually helps your case. Ironically, when someone was found with my card and id from the stolen wallet, the fact I cancelled the card so soon and they were not able to run any charges on it hurt the prosecutor's case.
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    Banks/credit card companies in the UK are usually the first ones to get intouch if they notice suspicious activity on your account. One of my credit cards sent me a letter letting me know that a suspicious amount had gone out of my account and they stopped it. 3.?? in Jan when i was at Ottawa airport, but the other 8.?? from the same company went through. Whatever.

    Anything taken will be reimbursed, although it is an inconvenience it isn't the end of the world.

    P.S. I think someone has stolen my sanity, if you find it, please let me know, lol
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