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    Default Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: Planetary Version

    This post reminded me of this book.

    I didn't figure out until a few years ago that the book was probably talking about the Greek/Roman gods. This is what I used to think was in it, since the planets did manage to fit some stereotypes pretty well. (I haven't actually read the book.) (These stereotypes simnply refer to what I expected the book to say, based on other stereotypes I hear, the stereotypes themselves do not come from stuff I thought up on my own.)


    Venus is hottest planet in the solar system at the surface, with sulfuric acid clouds that cover the entire surface, a very high pressure atmosphere, and a landscape mainly effected by volcanoes. Similarly, women are very hard to see into, and have boiling, strong emotions underneath.


    Mars is a cold planet that has little atmosphere, and possibly had running water in the past, but nowadays mostly has surface features from rocks and ice, and is very cold. Similarly, men have a lot of interesting ideas ad things to do, and tend to be more open about what they are thinking, but show much less about emotions and history in the same way that mars has a lot of its history hidden or not occuring at the moment.

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    Yes, this sounds like all men are IT and all women are EF...just like John Gray's books. You know the plot.

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    I like it

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    I hate that book. And any generalized book since not every man or woman is the same.
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