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  • On women - The longer the better. Long hair is beautiful and hawt.

    36 45.00%
  • On women - No way! Short hair rocks the casbah!

    11 13.75%
  • On women - I hate decisions.. I like a medium-length compromise.

    18 22.50%
  • On women - I like my woman bald.. or as close as she'll allow.

    3 3.75%
  • On women - I like 'em all! Short, Long, or nothing at all. No preference.

    25 31.25%
  • On men - Long hair is definitely a must! I love it!

    7 8.75%
  • On men - Shorter hair, around shoulder-length is fine with me.

    10 12.50%
  • On men - Short, chin-length and above looks best on most guys.

    22 27.50%
  • On men - Bald, or well-cut military style cuts.. drool...

    13 16.25%
  • On men - I like 'em all! Short, Long, or nothing at all! No preference whatsoever.

    16 20.00%
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    On women I like all hair lengths and styles. Since I'm an "equal opportunity dater" (LOL) I also date African American women who lock, twist, or braid their hair or keep it natural so it's kept "short" but not really. I think closely cropped hair on women can be hot (Jenny Shimizu! HOOOOOTness) and so can long hair and other styles - it really depends on the person and the overall aesthetic they're rocking. Short hair can really accentuate a feminine face - or the opposite and make a boyish looking woman more androgynous - both can be hooooooot. I don't necessarily prefer longer hair at all, either on myself or on other women. I also like and own wigs and extensions. Variety is the spice of life!

    On guys, my preferences are narrower - I generally prefer the well groomed, clean-cut look with hair that is kept short. The kind of hair that looks good with new loafers, pressed khakis, and a crisp button up shirt (that's clean, fitted, and freshly laundered). I know, I'm one note.
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    I like guys with longer hair... one of my personal weaknesses. But for some, short hair suits them better. In other words, whatever that works well with their facial features. I'm not too picky.

    Women... I'm always fascinated by African Americans with those tightly braided hair. Other than that, I don't really notice hair really being an Se-tard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    On men - Do you prefer long hair or short hair on women?

    On women - Men with long hair or cropped short?

    Any guy with hair that moves in anything less than hurricane force winds is a liberal hippie pot smoker.

    Girls - it really depends. Some girls look amazing with short hair, but they have to have the facial structure. Body type also plays a role. Some girls also look better with long hair, so it just depends.
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    I like it all, short, grade 1, long, medium. It doesn't really matter to me as long as the guy is rocking the style well.

    I've never dated a man with hair, they have all been grade 1 guys, but I would love to run my hands through some guys thick tresses, just once lol.

    Same with ladies, whatever floats their boat. I have pretty long hair now, with no intention of cutting it since for myself short hair doesn't carry well.
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    On women:
    I love long (past shoulders to the upper back area), flowing, silky, brown hair. I like when it smells like flowers too . It all depends on the woman and the haircut though.

    Men: I always prefer mine short. I'd probably do a little longer/shaggy type thing from time to time if it were straighter but mine gets pretty curly and thick/poofy like a fro. I don't like it much but I was always told I had great hair by barbers and stuff growing up, when I had longer hair... Different strokes for different folks.

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    Hmm...I have a thing for guys with long hair, but that said, it doesn't matter. Long hair can be bad if not taken care of.
    It's really about what suits you for both men and women.
    I have medium length hair at the moment, I like how it goes wavy at that length. It's funny how some guys have a thing for red heads and how some guys look terrified at being in the presence of one.
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    Hrmm... I need to lobby for more long hair votes. I don't want to cut mine short.

    Though the option for long hair on men is the only one that refers to the choice as "a must". That probably sounds too picky, and reduces the number of people that take it. You have to think about these things with polls.
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    You know the typical man's "short hair" cut (as Metamorphosis said, something that pretty much doesn't sway with the wind)? Women's hair looks good when it's at least longer than that. Past about chin/shoulder length, it doesn't matter that much.

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    On women, whatever looks good on you. Mine is somewhere near waist lenght now.

    On men I prefer long/medium hair.

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    To hell with what a woman likes. Anything longer than a uniformly buzzed #2 in summer, or #3 in winter, is too much trouble for me. Like all of the hair on my body, it just gets in the way and doesn't seem to serve any purpose.

    On a woman, I like whatever she likes.

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