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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    I don't know probably which lines the shortest, I don't take much into account when checking out. I hate self checkout btw, I hate them with a passion they're not great they're annoying they yell at you when you take a bag off the counter, and it's like yes but I need to be able to start a new bag and both bags are full you fucking bastard.
    EVIL. I don't need a machine voice ordering me all around. XP It even has a whole bagging scenario it wants you to follow. I'll bag how I want, dude.

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    1. Length of the line
    2. Item amount in the baskets/carts
    3. Age and professionalism of the employee (i.e., if they're old and/or chattering, skip)

    But generally, I try to shop at a store that has those self-checkout lanes. Those things are great, I don't know what you guys are talking about. You're in and out of there in the space of time it takes one old person to demand a price check on the item whose price they read incorrectly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelric View Post
    Not necessarily in order, sometimes you have to trust your instinct on that (although when I try, I usually wind up wrong(sigh):

    • Length of line
    • Estimated speed of Cashier - some of the ones at my grocery store are just horribly slow, others are fast.
    • Amount of stuff in others' carts/baskets
    • Coupon watch - folks with a fistful of coupons always seem to take forever
    • Checkbook watch - enough said.
    • Age of fellow shoppers (ie, little old lady watch... but I've been burned on this watching some darned efficient little old ladies blast through leaving me in the wrong line, too)
    • Number of children in tow (with extra "stay away" modifier for poorly behaved/tired/whining/"mommy buy me candy":"NO!" children)
    • Is it an express 20-items or less line?
    • Is it the self-checkout line?

    So, a lot I guess .
    This is about my list too. Also, if there are bratty kids arguing with parents and other such warning signs, I avoid that line.

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    I'm not sure whether this is culture specific, but
    I find that older people (at least in my country)
    have a tendency to buy less than the 'average shopper', and are otherwise in the express lines.
    Perhaps, as they are pensioners they then prefer to shop for groceries in smaller bouts?

    So I normally try to go behind older citizens, as I find their efficiency in paying the cashier neither here nor there.

    Maybe I'm biased because I have an affinity for the older pop'n and red heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colors View Post
    EVIL. I don't need a machine voice ordering me all around. XP It even has a whole bagging scenario it wants you to follow. I'll bag how I want, dude.
    and what's worse is if you use those reusable canvas bags like myself. I'm not all that enviromental, they just hold more.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    size of boobs of the blonde chick in front of me,
    the possibility that the blonde chick in front of me has a friend that is a kickboxer,
    ecetera ^^

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    the Dark Prophet of Kualu
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    There's a difference in between China and Sweden.

    In SE it all get so simple... there's no need for more than 4-5 variables, like:
    Length of line, how many items each unit has in line, mood of cashier (like to take things slowly or just fast paced pulls the groceries past the red light) (though I prefer the slow "I got all day and so do you, eh?" attitude somehow. xD) age of units, what "extra" items I can take on the side of the line, if it's colourful or not and if I can see most of the store without having to look around too much...(as if there might be someone who might be after me for unknown reason.) I like security. I agree with the eye-candy bit.

    China however is a completely different account. There's not so much lines as there is.... a cluster. Which sort of ends up in; Which of these little Chinese natives seems easiest to trample over? (I'm 6.5 and the general length of others here: 5.3-5.9) and the variable: Can I reach with my arm over all of them to pay and get a receipt without even getting near the counter(with the rest of my body except arm)?

    Funny that. Two in china and 5-6 in SE. o.O
    Open for interpretation.
    Fell for the temptation: Nohari / Johari

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    8w9 sp/sx


    length of line
    who looks more fun(checker)
    the number of people in line
    how many groceries the people have in that line
    is the checker having trouble with the transaction
    is a new line opening
    is the checker quick
    I N V I C T U S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaula View Post
    17, because it's my favourite number.
    Good answer! Gotta go with what works. Doesn't sound very "J" though.

    1) Length of line.

    2) How close is it to the exit?

    3) Am I in a hurry?

    4) What those before me have in their cart.

    5) Age of those before me in line (Old people are just plain slow)

    6) How those in front of me are likely to pay. Young or indigent use cash. Old people pay by check. Well-put-together types use a check card. Someone who looks like a complete mess may even have foods stamps or coins. Someone who smokes may ask the cashier to get them cigarettes. I also consider who is likey to purchase lottery tickets.

    7) What types of people are already in line? Do they look pleasant, attractive, stinky?

    8) The cashier. Do they seem efficient? If it's a woman/girl, are they cute? Are they going to be chatty or flirt with me?

    9) Is that man a jerk? Cause if he is, I'll be compelled to ask him what's wrong with him in a very surly manner.

    Yes, I'm very thorough, and there's probably something wrong with me...

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    Length of queue.
    How much time I have to spare.

    If I have some time then the first variable doesn't even matter since I will just sort of float to the back of the queue and daydream right up until I;m packing my goods and trying to focus back on the real task at hand, finding my debit card in my messy ladies bag.
    Echo - "So are you trying to say she is Evil"

    DeWitt - "Something far worse, she's an Idealist"

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