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    Default Article about WoW players

    By day, "John" (not his real name) is a student at the university of Illinois. In the evening, however, "John" participates in the computer game world of warcraft, and transforms himself into a short, bald, bearded man.

    Yes, John is one of many who has elected to pick one of his characters as a dwarf male paladin. Although studies have shown the paladins are a valued member of groups in world of warcraft, the question remains as to why "john", a normals WoW player in many other ways (young, male, less socially skilled than peers) would not use the available character option of a female human to play this particular class.

    "It is because I wanted to try out as many races as possibly", he says.

    This tendency to want to try out as many combinations as possible shows itself in other choices "John" makes as well. Although it limits his overall levelling speed, "John" currently divides his playing time between 7 characters, all different classes. He says the sacrifice of levelling speed is worthwhile, but only time will show what negative long term effects this may yet have.

    Most mysterious of all, although "John" partakes in little social activities, his free time is not completely absorbed by world of warcraft. According to interviews, his "major", "Chemical engineering", requires a lot of "homework", and "studying". He also plays other supposed "computer games", such as "Pharaoh", and "Alpha Centauri", although these do not involve levelling a character, killing large amounts of monsters, or travel, so their classification is suspect. He also demonstrates an interest in various "science" related subjects, such as "Thermodynamics", apparently something to do with heat and something called "energy" not related to what rogues use. Again, the long terms of these activites are debatable, but there is no question that over time they could result in anything.

    (This, as you may have guessed, is just me having fun with the writing style of articles about computer games, or in a way, everything where a newspaper, news report, etc. is describing something that a lot of people won't understand on more than a surface level. The person being described is myself, my name is not "John".)

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    This is funny, reminds me of all the ridiculous articles and "documentaries" about "violent video games".

    On German TV they regularly show absurd documentaries about "killer-games" such as this
    Quotes from it
    -"It is always about killing, the more brutal, the more realistic the better".
    -"Assault rifle and hand grenade, slaughtering humans as leisure time fun!"
    -"It is necessary to kill as much people as possible, the bloodier and gorier the better!"
    -Dude that is "interviewed": "the most fascinating part is that it almost looks real now, well I havent actually seen that much blood yet in reality .. but it's a nice effect that adds to the fun of the game!"
    -"The Call of Duty scene in the Internet was observed for severall months (by the police) result: in Germany alone there are over 20.000 people at the front line every day, family fathers, students, Nazis."
    -"Execute, torture, murder, at least 1.5 million people in Germany play so-called "First Person Shooters", Killer-Games"
    -showing the hot-coffee mod of GTSA " like this game, whoever rapes the most women is the winner!"
    -Having the "internet police" complain about how the laws are "insufficient" to ban violent video games.
    -Guy from the ministry of interior " and if even the instruction manual encourages you to first torture your victims before you saw of their heads with a chainsaw to get more points, then I do not understand why something like that has even to be produced and I think it should be banned as soon as possible."

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