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    Default The pathetic ASCII Defense.

    You know, I recently found something I wrote a long time ago (in 2002) online. I was trying to prevent the adoption of new character encoding standards. I was Linuxknight47. I probably seem rather laughable. What do you think? Editorials - A Proposal for a True Internationalization

    I'll list a more amusing quote from myself here (I hope it's readable):

    I tried to defend ASCII. I love ASCII, all my files are in it. I don't like these ideas about unicode, etc. Because not only would we have to translate everything from ASCII, It would require everything to be 2-bytes per char. When I said 8-bit ASCII, I meant the IBM extended characacter graphics set. It works in teminal mode. Also, japanese characters are not part of the characters in the fixed-mode terminal graphics. I suppose someone could start requiring those non-fixed computers only, the current character mode is out-of-date, but it is still a great mode, and I would hate to see it or ASCII lost. ASCII uses 1-byte per character to encode. And it doesn't use all 255 different states. So, why don't we just fill in the empty states with the rest of the roman alphabet? That would solve the problem with all european languages. I know that the roman alphabet is supported by text mode. I'm sure I saw german characters in lynx. Japanese characters are not supported on the console, so if a standard that included japanese became the standard, no more console, at least as we know it! So, why can't all the eastern languages define their own standards? I mean, if we include all 2000 japanese characters, plus arabic, plus chinese, etc. in one standard, all the chars would need 4-byte encoding! I know you're going to say: Our 80-gb computers can do that now. But that's just a waste of space, i mean, everybody wants to make more wasteful program formats that are wasteful, just so they can make all the updates in speed worthless. Text is the one standard that has not bloated, and now you want to mess it up? Well, before you do, consider this: All the text files would have to be translated, and that would be a nightmare. We could never get all of them translated into UCF-4 or UTF-8. Remember before ASCII was defined? All the word processors used their own, incompatable formats, and when one word proccesor went out, all those files had to be translated into the new word processors code. But then, somebody decided that there should be a lasting standard, that sombody created ASCII. and then, all the files that were written in ASCII never had to become unreadable. ASCII was meant to last forever. So, if you destroy ASCII, those files are worthless. And the dream of having a lasting format is dead, sending us back into the anarchy of no clear standard. Destroy ASCII, and you incite people to keep creating new standards, until no clear standard exists. And, all those ASCII text editors, Vi, Emacs, Nedit, Xedit, etc., to become worthless as well? And why has no one mention'd HTML as a new standard? It has what you're looking for. Please, don't take ASCII away.

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    You are my ASCII, my only ASCII
    You make me happy when things are beige
    You'll never know, dear, how much I love you
    Please don't take my ASCII away.....
    Who rises in the morning, looks in the mirror and says, "I think I will do something stupid today?" -- James Hollis
    If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done. -- Ludwig Wittgenstein
    Whaling is illegal in Oklahoma.

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