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Thread: ~ Cat Types ~

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    4w3 sx/so
    eNFJ Ni


    Our current cats:

    Moxie: INFP (but he's extremely timid, so he doesn't represent well)
    Bonhomie: ISFx
    Peaches: ISTJ (she's my honey!)
    MayMay: ESTJ
    Leon: ISFJ
    Mr. Smooch: ISFJ
    SassyCat: ENFJ (guess who lies in ambush at the back door?)

    My all time favorite kitty was our old grey tabby, Daisy, who tolerated being called a girl's name to make us happy. He was also ISTJ. Curmudgeonly but very cuddly. I used to find him asleep in the laripe shrubs and since the sun had made him melty and sleepy, I'd pick him up and cuddle him and he couldn't fight back!
    eNFJ 4w3 sx/so 468 tritype
    Neutral Good
    EII-Fi subtype, Ethical/Empath, Delta/Beta
    RLUEI, Choleric/Melancholic
    AIS Holland code
    Researcher: VDI-P

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    I have two cats, Kumba (an all black female) and Calli (a mostly white calico female). Edahn's classifications would put Kumba as a KDT and Calli as GCA, they grew up together, are polar opposites with everything including looks but get along well and are both indoor and outdoor cats.

    Kumba is definitely an I, she'll demand affection and yowl something similar to the sound a foghorn on a ship makes right in your ear when she does want attention and bites if you quit before she thinks your done, stays out for days on end, and seems only SLIGHTLY cheery in the fall and then goes right back to solitary pissy behavior. Her one quirk is she loves getting behind you when you sit on the couch and fuss with your hair.

    Calli is an attention-whore, likes laying out in the driveway, and is quick to rush over and lay on you when you're snoozing on the couch, and is in love with the window A/C unit in the living room.

    On several occasions when something terrible has happened and the whole house is stressed out or depressed, one of the cats has in the night somehow snuck in a dead bird, rat, or something to that effect and always presented it to my mom via where she normally sits at in the living room. We're still not sure WHICH cat is doing that, but my mom always screams like she were about to lose her voice forever and I end up on the floor laughing as she yells at me to get it out of the house.

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    I had an awesome tomcat. He'd sit out on the porch and survey his territory and protect his harem from other tomcats. Fearsome fighter and suave as hell.

    Definitely a Don Juan.

    I'm reminded of Al Pacino's character in Scent of a Woman

    to his cat Tomster "Remember, when in doubt, fuck"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nottaprettygal View Post
    Lloyd is a KDT. He tries to be gentle with the claws, but they often come out when he's kneading my boobies.
    That's classic KDT behavior.

    *reveals his scarred breasts*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsWhatHeSaid View Post
    If I were going to type a cat, I would use a different inventory and classification scheme.

    1. Clawing function -

    How annoyingly does your cat claw around the place?
    Does your cat stick its claws into your leg when it jumps off you?
    Do you find yourself saying "ouch" a lot?

    K for clawing G for gentle.

    2. Surprise attack function -

    Does your cat jump on you when you're not expecting it?
    Does you cat frequently hide in dark places?
    Does your cat run around the house like a maniac for absolutely no reason?
    Are you able to pet your cat for more than 4 seconds?

    C for crazy, D for docile.

    3. Anus function -

    Does your cat often advertise his or her own anus to the public?

    A for anal, T for tailing.

    3 functions, 8 types.

    KCA - The Britney Spears
    KCT - The Possessive
    KDA - El Don Juan
    KDT - The Assassin
    GCA - The Manic Depressive
    GCT - The Distraught Lover
    GDA - The Bore
    GDT - The Ornament
    According to this my cat would be SO Britney Spears. Ew. My cat is way prettier and has more hair, for one thing. But I wouldn't say she can sing very well.

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    I think mine is INFJ, she's lovely, but just a tad too whiny.

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    My parent's cat is ESFP "The Hedonist": The social cat. Inside, outside, contact-oriented. Wallows in petting. Lies in the sun on the driveway. Promiscuously affectionate, even with cat-haters. Meows a lot.

    And majority of the people who come to the house, and say they hate cats. Times after that they're like I hate all cats except yours.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    INTP "The Flake": Will play with toys, but bored quickly. If you give in, you'll quickly have a closet full of cat toys he won't touch any more. He'll sit, apparently doing nothing, and then be off on a tear. When walking across a room, will suddenly sit down and start grooming himself.

    *really hopes he comes back*
    Forming characters! Whose? Our own or others? Both. And in that momentous fact lies the peril and responsibility of our existence. - Elihu Burritt

    Member of the Maverick's Biker Club - Now crashing through walls instead of just..walking into them.

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    I first met my Raja as I walked from the parking lot of my apartment to the lift area. He first almost got impaled by the closing lift doors, barely missed being trampled on by some kids and then looked up at me most adorably (while I was ignoring his plea to play) before tottering off in that delightful wobbly gait toddlers and really young animals have. That melted the last of my resolve and I scooped him up and took him home. The smart little ENFJ (who quickly learnt to come running when called) always ran to the door when I arrived (he steadfastly ignored my 3 flatmates), would curl up around my head at night and made me yelp in fright more than once by attacking my bare legs (claws out) in a completely dark living room in the middle of the night. He'd get into a blue period though sometimes when he'd go off and stand forlonly by himself ignoring all around him. He refused to let me do my housework in peace and it was a funny sight to see him sitting stock still fuming from the balcony while I swept and mopped the flat on the other side of the French doors that separated us.

    Sadly, I had to give him away after a few weeks as he gave me a serious asthma attack. In an ironic twist, the doctor that treated my attack adopted Raja.

    (pic of him at his new owner's. he was a really bright orange but the lighting was too bright on that pic)

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    Quote Originally Posted by milti girl View Post
    According to this my cat would be SO Britney Spears. Ew. My cat is way prettier and has more hair, for one thing. But I wouldn't say she can sing very well.
    Darling, anything can sing better than Ms Spears.

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