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    Default Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes

    Sci Fi Channel has a Twilight Zone marathon on.

    One of my favorite episodes is playing--Little Girl Lost.

    What's your favorite(s)?
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    "There's something on the wing!!"

    Nightmare at 20,000 Feet - Bill Shatner AND John Lightgow. How could you go wrong?

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    I love The Twilight Zone. I think my favorite episode might be the one with William Shatner and the gremlin on the wing of the plane.

    I also loved Futurama's spoof of The Twilight Zone, which they called The Scary Door.

    YouTube - scary door most evil creature

    Edit: Darn you youtube tangents!
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    There were a few - including Night Gallery, which was also part of the Rod Serling presentations, I think. NG had that great opening sequence with the pix expanding outwards towards your view while a new one was starting to shape in the center. ( I wonder how that's done - if there's a name for that process ? ) In the pilot NG, there was one about a bad guy hiding from the police or retribution in an art gallery. They were closing in on him, and decided to search the gallery, I think. He was looking at a certain painting in a corner, of a lonely or wistful lake, out in the the far boonies somewhere. Suddenly he found himself transported there. So he was "in the painting" and had therefore escaped the police when they walked into the area of the gallery he had been standing in moments earlier. Later the villain repeats the experiment a few times, and is always able to enter the picture of the lake that is in that corner of the museum. One night, after doing something especially bad, like attacking an old lady, he is being pursued again, and runs to his usual corner in the now unlit "night gallery". The police lose him again. The next day the camera shows us people touring through the gallery. These people are looking for the painting of the lake, or for some other reason they decide to go to the same corner which I mentioned earlier. But the painting of the lake had been moved much earlier, which the bad guy couldn't notice in the darkness, when he was last there. So, the night before, he had willed himself blindly into whatever painting had been moved in as a substitute. The people turned away from the new painting, because of the pain and gruesomeness. It was a crucifixion scene, as might have been painted by Ivan Albright, and guess who was forever fixed there on the cross ? An unlikely looking "Jesus" who had teleported himself there....

    There was another which was seen from the point of view of a woman being operated on. She had been in an accident or something. Throughout the show the doctor comes and goes, with surgical mask on, to make reassuring comments. Voices of the woman's friends are heard off camera etc. Comes the day when the bandages are to be removed. We see her take them off and emerge looking like your typical TV female protagonist. Fairly attractive, in other words, IIRC. But she screams and looks at her face in horror, as she peers into the mirror. As the doctor takes off his mask and her friends come into view, we become aware that everyone else looks like a monster. We are apparently on another planet, and so "normality" ( looking like a human being ) is very different.

    Another episode was about a burglar who falls while climbing a fence with police shooting at him. He winds up later, not sure how he got there, in a room where a man ( perhaps played by Sebastian Cabot ? ) is willing to procure for him practically anything he wants....and there is the rub ( or Hitch, heh ) ....anyone remember this ? I won't spell out the surprise end, in case anyone wants to work it out.

    I always liked the original "Outer Limits" best, although it hasn't usually aged as well as TG as a whole. It is actually the first season of the original Outer Limits, which played in the early 60's, that was the meat of the series' good name. The next season, still part of the original early 60's Outer Limits, was far less effective, lacking Joseph Stefano's direction, who was the key to the quality. This was the man who scripted Hitchcock's "Psycho", and decided to change the POV from Norman Bates ( as the Robert Bloch novel had it ) to the lady who steals the money, and then also suggested killing this female star off quickly, which had never been done before. ( Stefano had further suggested that the cop who stops her car on the road "hit" on her, but Hitch vetoed that. ) The best episode of Stefano's "Outer Limits" was "Corpus Earthling", without question IMO. Robert Culp starred in it, and he said it even scared him. Stefano left his directing job at the end of the first season, because of interference by other mgt., ( ) and unfortunately did not have much success later. ( He did create a made-for-TV movie called "The Treasure of Sierra de Cobre", which is unfortunately rarely seen. Martin Landau has a copy, having been an actor in the movie, and he will occasionally play it for houseguests during parties he throws. It's been called "the scariest movie ever made", which is probably an exaggeration.) The later ( color ) series Outer Limits had some good episodes, but I didn't like it as much as the Stefano episodes.

    "Tales from the Darkside" was usually insipid.
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