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Thread: Trust?

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    Default Trust?

    I would say that I have more trust/faith in others than I do in myself.

    Not necessarily because I put myself down, but because I sometimes doubt my own reliability or competence. A lot of the time the decisions I make or the displaying of the competence I originally believed I had end up in me pwning myself, and when I follow the advice of others or see other people take different courses of action I seem to see higher success rates.

    As well, call me naive but I automatically assume that people I meet are without treachery in them. My trust in someone is something that is only worn down after a long succession of them mistreating me. I don't like believing that some of humanity isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and this causes me to be almost masochistic without realizing when it is happening to me.

    I'm not afraid of putting all my soul (or something more to the surface, like a locker combination) into the hands of others. I enjoy showing people all of who I am. It is interesting seeing what others think of me.

    What are your thoughts?

    How trusting of others do you consider yourself to be? Are you a very guarded person?

    How trusting are you of yourself?
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    I trust that this thread will be merged with another thread of the exact same nature.

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    I trust myself more than I trust others. With life experiences, I'm a bit more guarded than I was when I was younger but it doesn't mean that I won't give people a fair chance.

    When it comes to relationships/life decisions, I trust my own judgements best- I can read people/their intentions pretty well. My hunches tend to be pretty accurate. My reading of underlying situations are pretty spot on, too.

    When it comes to financial decision making in terms of things I don't quite know much about, ex technical computer stuff I don't quite understand 100%, I tend to trust my ex bf(s) who were NT/more into that kind of stuff, which I find sexy.

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    I trust myself almost completely, except where it comes to my areas of weakness - but then I trust myself to use my strengths to limit the damage of my weaknesses where possible by not giving them any chances to mess up!

    I trust other people for the most part, though because I don't personally know exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are until I know them well, nor how aware they are of them or disciplined in their usage, I tend to give sorta interim 'benefit of the doubt' status until I figure out which areas they're less trustworthy in. But I don't tend to trust according to intent - something I can't really know with any reliability - but rather, according to ability. I trust most people to have good intent, but not all to have the ability to carry out that intent, or to have thought through that intent properly, at least until I get to know them a bit.

    If somebody trusts me, I take it seriously. But they need to let me know when it Matters to them to have things done 'just so', and when it doesn't. Because I'm very liable to take 'poetic licence' as it were, in most situations... unless I'm given good reason to go 'by the book'.
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    On topic: Yeah, I trust others more than myself.


    I like words that rhyme with trust.

    mussed (may not rhyme with trust)
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