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    14 15.91%
  • Picture 2 is most attractive!

    8 9.09%
  • Picture 3 is most attractive!

    30 34.09%
  • Picture 4 is most attractive!

    36 40.91%
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    Mamma said knock you out Mempy's Avatar
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    One was my pick, too. But it was between her and four. I can understand why people are choosing three; I find her actual face to be the most attractive of all of them, but her hair, make-up, and expression put me off of her.
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    I want to give #4 a big kiss.

    I want to scrub #3's makeup off.

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    O dear I'm not in a minority! I find 3's blue-white eye-whites could be frightening but at the same time irresistably fascinating. The ohers too, the face seems too round and 'fuzzy'.

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    1: Ordinary

    2: Good for a laugh

    3: One-night stand

    4: Life-partner

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    One question I have, is how did they "average" the images? They'd have to quantify how a face "looks" into a finite set of scalar parameters, take the respective averages of the parametric values across the set of images, and generate the result from those averages. But deciding what those parameters are is pretty arbitrary. You're taking a solution space of essentially infinite dimensions, projecting a few axes into it, and using that to model the entire space.

    So they might say, one parameter is the total width of the mouth. Another might be the thickness of the lower lip at the center. Maybe some more thickness sample points along the lip. But then you've got the complex curvature of the lip, and you've got to parametrize that somehow. And maybe the length of eyelashes, which also varies across the span of the eyelid. Then you get into the much more subtle, complex contours of the face surface itself.

    My point is, there are many different ways you can define these parameters, and doing it different ways will result in a different "average" image. Whoever designed this had to define those, and they would likely do it based on how they happen to perceive differences in faces.
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    #1 has a less toned and more rounded/childish looking face.

    #2 Has the prettiest eyes IMO because they are "smiling" the most out of the four, but her skin tone seems kind of grey to me compared to the others.

    #3 has the both the most mature and feminine looking features out of all of them, and the darkest/deepest/most sensual eyes. She looks like she has makeup on, and looks the sexiest out of the four.

    #4 is the most realistically pretty and healthy looking to me because of her seemingly natural flush. She looks the most like a believable human face to me.
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    Yo brothers and sisters! Anyway know where I can see these pictures?

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    Where the pix @?

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    One was prettiest. The pics are gone now, unfortunately, they were legendary. I don't know if I have ever seen women as beautiful. Changed my life.

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