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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    Those are some good examples. For instance, with telephones or television, you could say that as soon as you try it out for yourself, you might start to "believe" it, since you have experienced it physically.

    It seems that this is the underlying assumption in everything you've said above. And've already created another thread to talk about that, right?

    I am not sure that I know on which one you mean since I have opened a number or threads that could come in this category.

    I have placed that last part simply to sake things up.

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    This may have already been said but I don't want to read through 20 pages of posts. Too abstract is obviously when your audience cannot understand the point you are trying to make. For an inj this can often be a problem because their thoughts are non-linear. This can usually be solved by learnig to speak to their audience and bring some coherency to their communication. Or they could speak at their audience and wrongly dismiss everyone else as dumb.

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    When it gets Jackson-Pollock-Abstract.

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