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    All of the Robot Chicken Star Wars clips (space worms is one) can be found at:

    [adult swim] | Shows - Robot Chicken - Star Wars

    Just hit "Watch" down at the bottom left.
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    thanks for that. I went looking for a spot that had them all but couldn't find one
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    I found this in TechRepublic; Here's an excerpt:

    Subject This darn bottomless shaft in my room
    From Emperor Palpatine <>
    Date A Long Time Ago 1:42 AM
    To Nardo Pace <>

    You are responsible for designing my Throne Room, yes? Do not doubt it. I can see the truth inside you. It burns with a twisted blackness that cannot be denied.

    I ask you this: Why is there a chasm in my room? Was it really necessary? What purpose does it serve? Nothing useful has ever come of it. In fact, sometimes when I awake in the middle of the night and stumble in the darkness while making my way to the Imperial Restroom, I mistakenly wobble along the shaft's edge. I also bump my knee on the Imperial Coffee Table, but that is another matter.

    I'm expecting very important company today, but I fully expect that you will draw up plans for a grate to cover this errant hole and have someone build it tomorrow. It is your destiny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    You're making me choke on my sunflower seeds!

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