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    We've always celebrated birthdays, I've happy and miserable memories of them, as time has gone on it becomes harder to get people presents and it becomes just a day of tension mainly with people trying not to fall out for once.

    I would still celebrate the day whether I had anyone to celebrate it with or not, although the significance of it has changed for me, I was 31 last birthday and it sort of made me feel more sad than happy. Even with increased longevity I still feel that in our culture you get to this age and your life is pretty much over, even if you can get on with settling down and having a family, I'm not sure that something that I want.
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    I haven't celebrated my birthday for 14 years. That is, in any kind of party-form celebration including...other people.

    I love my birthdays and I try to do something special every year but it's my day and I prefer to celebrate it alone doing whatever I feel like doing to make myself feel good. I love getting old, I don't dread my birthday getting closer and I can always feel excited about it.

    People wishing me happy birthday and giving me gifts merely because they feel obligated because of some age old social graces is something I truly detest and I figured that out at a very early age. If you can't be sincere about it, keep it to yourself and we're all happy.

    Besides, my mom's birthday is only three days prior to mine and for as long as I can remember, whenever any kind of celebration took place, it was more about her than me. So, it's never really felt "mine". Since I moved out years ago, I have had the freedom to do as I choose and I love it.

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    I don't. My parents stopped celebrating birthdays LONG ago. although I do encourage it for my little sister, she enjoys the attention so much. it's adorable. : )

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    I don't celebrate mine anymore. Getting older only reminds me of the things I've missed rather than the new opportunities I'm still about to have.
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    I love birthdays, mine and other people's. Actually, I love tradtionally festive days in general and I celebrate them all, including Christmas, irrespective of the fact that I'm agnostic. I enjoy planning for and organizing celebrations.
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    I don't really enjoy or like to celebrate my own birthday. I don't even remember how or if I celebrated my last birthday. I just don't care, I guess. And I'm not really comfortable receiving gifts. I don't like to be put on the spot like that, having to give an emotional response, or that person will be disappointed. Not for me. I like having cake with friends and family though.

    However, I do like to celebrate other peoples birthdays. I like the planing involved, the brainstorming for presents and I love to make my own presents and bake the cake myself and just make a good day out of it. I think I might enjoy the planing more than the actual day.

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    I don't celebrate my birthday due to beliefs.

    But since I'm the one that remembers everyone's birthday in my family, including my 20+ nieces and nephews, I'm the one to send out mass text messages to everybody letting them know who hit what age. (The '411' in my name is my bday)

    I just hit 32, and while it feels wierd to tell people that's my age, I don't feel ashamed to say it. It's not a bad age- I will say I hate the rut of going to work-home-(insert something for 4 hours)sleep (repeat), and here comes the weekends. IMO I hate this routine. Owning a house and trying to take care of what's necessary seems to fill most of my time. And it seems like time flies by so fast now- I remember having my fam over my house for New Years. Crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thursday View Post
    here here
    if it takes an allotted day for someone to show how much they care about you, and with presents ?
    then its bullshit

    seacrest out
    What I don't understand about this common point of view is, why is it assumed that because this day exists, people are going to ignore you the rest of the year? And if they're NOT going to ignore you the rest of the year, why does it matter if they show you love on this particular day?
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    I've come to know holidays and special days as opportunities for people to be coercive. I always have to fight them off and it's always been a hard battle to fight off people looking for excuses to get drunk or gain favors for themselves. Honestly, holidays and special days make me sick. It always seems to bring out the worst in people.

    For christmas, how people trample and injure people to get presents on the last day. Black friday is a horror story of mobs in a purchasing frenzy.

    Thanksgiving, people force themselves to eat turkey as a minimum in the name of tradition even if they don't like turkey. And stuffing themselves into a stupor.

    My birthdays, people use it to get special meals or try to win my favors via influence: politics. It's not exaggerating because I do see them push each other out of the way for attention or to pick up the bill.


    There's always the public image of happy times with people, but in my case, I'm battling this public image enforced by media. Honestly, for every holiday and special day, I want to sleep in, have jungle sex, eat a nice meal, read a book and be left alone. Maybe I'll take an expedition on a local trail or road trip, that's about all.
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    I celebrate my birthdays.

    It is really just another reason/excuse to get with friends and have a good time.

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