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    Default What is your dream house and living situation?

    You know what my ultimate dream house would be. To live in a bomb shelter under a cave in Canada. To have surveillence and booby traps scattered all along my property. I would have an elevator that would take me to the surface when I so desired and the elevator would come up from the ground. The top of the elevator would be disguised as a large rock.

    I would also have a similar thing for my under ground lair garage.

    I would have a large garden and a waterfall.

    The lair would have self destruct capabililties.

    I would have my own bowling alley and the lair would be decorated in Baroque and Rococo Style Decor. I would have my own theatre and have TCM playing on it 24/7.

    I would have an army of Japanese Spitzes who would serve as my loyal minions.

    If only this wish could come true
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    Two-story, old trees, large yard, quiet street.

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    I don't so much care about the actual building, I just want a nice porch and enough room for my dog... and trees, I need trees around my home
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    A log cabin in a wooded area with rustic furnishings. And as long as we're dreaming, I want a stream running through my property that runs over and around slippery rocks and ends in a small waterfall.

    And it should be within an hour's drive of a decent-sized city. Because while I'm a former Boy Scout and appreciate the outdoors, I need my restaurants and movie theaters and bars and culture, too.
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    I'd want a house like Bill Gates has, one that is jacked up with electronics and computers wired into the house waiting to fulfill all my needs. I'd like to be on a hill, maybe one close to a cliff overlooking water. I'd want to be somewhat close to a city. Lots of trees around and a 2nd floor deck is a must too.

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    It would be cool to live on one of the islands in Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. It's sort of like an endless maze of islands and it's very peaceful with an incredible sunset.

    The house itself wouldn't need to be too fancy, but big windows would be nice.

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    I would have a home on a small island in the Caribbean way out in the middle of nowhere. I'd have a boat to travel to a bigger island for shopping excursions, and schedule occasional deliveries of stuff I'd go through on a regular basis. I'd have a pack of dogs to serve as a security system. For major shopping trips, I'd sail over to Florida.

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    A huge underground vault connected to a building topside, hopefully self-sufficient in electricity and water. I've never cared for windows; I go outside if I want a view. I drew some plans for it years ago *is INTP*, but never won the lottery (It would probably cost $50 million).

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    I'm pretty adaptable and not picky. As long it was somewhere that has lots of green, or palm trees, in the mountains, by a lake. Wouldn't matter as long my mate and I were happy. I think if you got that, you've got everything you need.
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    At this moment, everything goes for me as long as I get to live without flatmates.

    Anyhow, my dream house would be in a Caribbean island, at 30 metres from the beach, preferably a bit isolated, with no tourists or visitors around.
    Living situation: well having the necessary to survive without having to work, be it money or resources. I'd spend the whole day lying on the beach - prolly the whole night, too. Necessary time-wasting stuff like books, laptop and possibility to at least go somewhere to recharge the battery - if there's also internet I've found the paradise.

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