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    I get this recurring dream that my room has a secret passegeway in it that leads to some other room, for which I keep forgetting it's purpose, but I doubt it has any relevancy to any current situation of mine. In general, my recurring dreams are normally the ones that tend to be the least reflective of myself. The more important the dream, the less likely I'll have it again. I'm not sure I get the logic to that, but yeah.
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    I had the dream again. Only this time they were my kids. There were four of them. And there were some annoying cows too. Talking cows.

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    I have very vivid dreams, some nights I don't feel like I've even been to sleep when they are particularly vivid. A lot of the time I know that I'm dreaming which is not very restful.

    Anyway my different recurring dreams are about:
    - flying (great!)
    - very violent in that I'm being chased, shot at, stabbed - sometimes by the people I love.
    - that I'm still in a relationship with my first serious boyfriend (I'm always greatly relieved when I wake up to know that I'm not).
    - that I'm back in school and didn't study for an exam, (I love waking up from those ones too).

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    I have a recurring dream- doesn't happen but once a year but has come to me for the past 10 years

    I will be outside and about always in nature- and then I sense these white wolves are on their way coming for me- I'll feel their presence in the wind-

    then I satrt running towards a building or some sort of shelter in the distance- then the wolves will start coming into sight and they are headed for me-

    these wolves have red glowing eyes and have super intelligence and a weird spiritual feeling to them-

    they shase me and I always barely make it inside the shelter-

    there are always low windows involved where they stare at me and I stare at them-

    they can't get to me but I know that it is just a matter of time until they get through and get me

    I somehow always manage to escape their grasp- one time I escaped by climbing the roof and sliding down on the phone lines with a belt-my dog strapped to me in a harness

    I am always in the mean time saving either my husband and or my dog from the wolves as well- anyone I save from the wolves in my dream are helpless or out of it- they don't feel the wolves presence until the wolves come into sight- then seeing the wolves they pass out

    I told an interesting fellow about this dream before and he said I should try to let them catch me- the wolves might not be evil- in fact they might be symbols of myself

    I haven't had the dream again since the talk with that guy but I hope to let myself be caught by them when I do have the dream it has been a year now- it should be coming one of these nights

    I have very vivid and real feeling dreams- I have had dreams where I had done a lot of running for example and when I woke up I would be sweaty and out of breath like I had been exercising
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    I have two recurring nightmares: 1) witnessing a plane crash; or 2) crossing the path of, but never being harmed by, a tornado.

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