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    Default Recommend sources for advice or instruction on raising a dog.

    I'm presented with an opportunity to "prove that i can take care of a dog." Linda (don't ask) is leaving for a week, and her cocker spaniel, Lucy, will be my responsibility. If I successfully take care of Lucy, it will lead to a "serious conversation" about the possibility of me getting a dog.
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    Cocker Spaniels generally have a lovely temperament; a warm and tactile breed.

    No doubt Linda will tell you everything you need to know (when she eats, brand of food etc).

    If I'm taking care of Charlie (King Charles), I like to take him for walks early so as to ensure no run-ins with aggressive dogs.

    Remember to be there to let her out after she's eaten. Most dogs are like clockwork (really, you'd be surprised. Their internal clocks are far more efficient than ours).

    It should be easy and very enjoyable.
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    Just dont stress. They see it easily and will be stressed.

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    Just so happens a really good show about dogs has just started to air on British TV and you can watch it online. Check it out.
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