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    Default 20 Facts About You

    I'll go first.

    20 Facts About Me:
    1. I believe in twin flames, karma, soul mates, & fate
    2. I love comic books
    3. I love Shakespeare plays (especially Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream)
    4. My favorite color's orange
    5. My favorite Disney animated movies are Aladdin & Monsters Inc.
    6. I would love to travel more
    7. I love to decorate
    8. I love sports (especially basketball & soccer
    9. I love Edgar Allan Poe poems
    10. I've been on an Avatar: The Last Airbender kick lately, & my favorite character is Zuko (I love his relationship with Iroh. Zuko's like a son to him.)
    11. I love Harry Potter (Pottermore sorted me in Ravenclaw)
    12. My fictional character crush is Eli Goldsworthy on Degrassi (anyone else watch it?)
    13. I dream of starting a charity
    14. I love boho fashion
    15. Following with #14, I love Dream Catchers
    16. In high school, I wanted to study creative writing in college & write & create kids comedy TV shows/movies, like for Nickelodeon & Disney
    17. I'm a cat person (if I had to pick between cats & dogs)
    18. Following with #17, I also love penguins, pandas, dolphins, & bunnies
    19. I love learning about different religions, cultures, & languages
    20. I adore Dr. Seuss stories

    Now it's your turn!
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    20) I could literally survive off of Totino's pizza rolls and Diet Mountain Dew.

    15) My favorite kind of people are those who don't look down upon others, unless they're giving them a hand to help them up.

    10) "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." -Aristotle. <- One of my favorite quotes.

    5) I'm not a big music person.

    1) I have the same date/month of birth as Dr. Seuss, Method Man, and Bon Jovi.
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    1) I sleepwalk

    2) I can cross my eyes (big accomplishment)

    5) i am deathly afraid of snakes

    7) I cannot stand vegetables ew ew ew

    10) I trip daily, fall weekly

    12) People think I am absolutely insane when I talk to them

    15) I have the worst reasons for injuries but always make up some crazy impossible scenario to tell people instead

    18) I failed my first drivers test because I got so nervous I had to ask the guy where the horn was on the car

    20) Got kicked out of creative writing class for writing a story where I got my throat cut by my creative writing story...(creative-writing inception?)
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    #7 - None?
    #10 - So you're clumsy like me
    #12 - lol What?
    #15 - Tell me your best one!
    #18 - Huh? Haha
    #20 - Sounds morbid

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    1. I am addicted to alternative rock and heavy metal and everything related to this subculture
    2. I mostly wear black, it's my favorite color
    3. I hate pink, flowers, girly dresses and anything stereotypically feminine
    4. I don't watch Tv
    5. I don't listen to radio
    6. I only read political newspapers
    7. I am clumsy and hate sports
    8. I love alternative fashion
    9. I have a fashion blog
    10. I write poetry, lyrics and stories
    11. I sing
    12. I like to take pictures
    13. I only watch horror movies, thrillers, dramas , or anything really disturbing and weird
    14. I can't stand comedies and romance
    15. I enjoy psychologically disturbing topics and I like to experiment with human's psyche
    16. I love anything that radiates melancholy
    17. I enjoy topics about theoretical physics
    18. I am worrying and anxious
    19. I am an existentialist, nihilist, hedonist and absurdist
    20. I am an atheist and don't believe in anything spiritual
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith
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    1. I speak Cherokee, Spanish and English. I read and write Latin and can speak some Lakota.
    2. I would like to learn to speak Chinese. Maybe I will.
    3. I am a trained knife fighter.
    4. I have a black sash in Baguazhang. I had to disarm a man with a live blade while blind-folded in order to earn that sash. I was so scared I almost puked.
    5. I'm a visual artist.
    6. I speak with a southern accent.
    7. I walk on broken glass in my bare feet, but I haven't tried hot coals...yet.
    8. I like to hike, spelunk and rappel.
    9. I belong to a high IQ society.
    10. I am about to join the Elizabeth Maddox Roberts Poetry Society.
    11. I have written 5 novels and been published by traditional publishers.
    12. I forget to eat sometimes.
    13. I keep a journal.
    14. I don't drink, cuss or smoke.
    15. I wish Charles Xavier were a real person. I'd like to have lunch with him.
    16. I love Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. and I want to be like them and I don't care what anybody thinks about it.
    17. I regard Tecumseh, Crazy Horse and Sequoyah as my "founding fathers" and I don't care what anybody thinks about that, either.
    18. I have a Master's Degree.
    19. I can survive in the woods of Appalachia with nothing but a knife.
    20. I once won a dance contest, so I didn't enter anymore.
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese
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    1) Got mugged by a group of 8 year old girls

    2) Used to be into sports, but when I got there I would always be the kid out in left field playing with the dandiloins and digging holes.

    3) Won serious money in the lottery

    4) paranoid as all hell

    5) Love music, no particular genre, generally whatever I am in the mood for.

    6) Have lost my liscense 3 times in the last year, and 4 times the year before... (Apparently I am fond of spending 7 hours at the secretary of state)

    7) Take horrible pictures.. I always look high

    8) Pretty picky eater, different food legitimately make me gag. Don't know if it is the food itself, or overthinking the food or what.

    9) Love fast things, hate hiking.

    10) Won a hula hooping contest as a kid for a trip to Ceder Point.

    11) Was an extreme bookworm as a kid, always had my nose in something, lots of different topics and lots of bizarre obsessions.

    12) Sometimes forget to eat, passed out from this once.

    13) supersticious

    14) Always was pretty good at math. Would get 100% on nearly every math test, but ended up barely passing the classes because I never could get myself to do much homework.

    15) Right handed

    16) jumped out of a moving car once when I was getting yelled at by my parents... Guess I was pretty desperate

    17) once walked home from school in the middle of the day because I got so lost in thought I got into a trance. I was about 7 years old at the time and scared the shit out of everyone.

    18) used to boss my brother around all the time, he pretty much was my slave.

    19) used to smoke like a chimney, stopped because apparently it was worsening my asthma.

    20) Got kicked out of girl scouts for being a disruption. (My mother was livid at them)

    I was a stupid as all hell kid

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    1. I used to collect dentist-office erasers in a cigar box as a kid.

    2. I can play a number of musical instruments well, and learn quickly.

    3. Almost all of my kids (2 bio, 1 adopted) are out of high school.

    4. I broke my ankle playing touch football as a kid. My friends told me to walk it off, that it was a "slipped disk." Obviously that did not work.

    5. I moved (on my own) seven times between 2008 and 2014. I'm glad to have stopped.

    6. I had numerous cats in my life, with names including Bootsie, Fluffy, Buford, Beowulf, Spock, and Pascal.

    7. My favorite cold sub includes roast beef, provolone cheese, cole slaw, fresh tomatoes, mayo, mustard, and dill pickles.

    8. The first topics I really remember of vital curiosity in my life include trains, dinosaurs, and Greek and Norse mythology. (Then, of course, there was this Really Cool Thing That Just Came Out called "Star Wars.")

    9. I'm an English major with a math minor who works in systems analysis and can write software. (But I'd rather be doing art.)

    10. I've only left the USA a few times, but I've been to Mexico, China, and Thailand.

    11. In the mid-90's, I worked in my free time as an editor and writer for a fledgling RPG company that flopped... alas. [I have a hardback of Deadlands I swapped one of our products for back in GenCon 1996 or something.] But I've remained a big RPG fan over the years, starting with D&D around 1980 and playing games including (but not limited to) Champions, Top Secret, Gamma World, Paranoia, New Worlds of Darkness, Exalted, and Pathfinder.

    12. I'm a fan of alpine climbing, out of all the "sports" I can think of. If I was ever to invest myself in a sport, that would be it.

    13. When I went to 7th Level for a job interview years and years ago, Eric Idle [of Monty Python fame] made fun of me when he passed me in the hallway. All I can remember thinking is, "Damn, you're taller than you look on TV." (No, he wasn't even wearing a dress.)

    14. The most expensive book I own is a 1923 copy of EA Poe's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination," with almost intact dust jacket and hand-inserted color plates by Harry Clarke. The guy wanted $175 and I was almost broke at the time, but I knew if I didn't buy it, I would always regret it.

    15. The first car I ever bought myself was a 1990 Geo Prizm. It only had 35 miles on it. The only things that ever broke on it were the windshield and the inner door handles. (Design flaws?) It wasn't very powerful, but I drove it until 2007, when the transmission finally blew up on the highway at a mileage of 255,000.

    16. I learned how to swim when I was very young. I don't understand how not to swim. You just... swim.

    17. My great-grandmother lived through the Depression. I remember her cabinets being full of tins full of papers clips, buttons, and coins; and she would keep stacks of newspapers and squares of aluminum foil. Her name was Pearl, and like a pearl she was very very round. It was a sight to see her walking down the hallway in her apartment building with a cane in each hand. My parents told me that, during meals, everyone would pass her the fat they had cut off their meat, and she would eat it. Remarkably, she lived to be 87.

    18. I grew up in the middle of rural Pennsyltucky and spent much of my youth riding my 5-speed Schwinn (basket and flag and all) around the farmlands. A typical day of biking for me at age 14 was easily 25 miles.

    19. The first nightmare I remember having (age 5?) is of being in a b&w cartoon, where I was a frantic little bug running pell-mell through a long tunnel being chased by large goofy-looking spiders. As some of you know, I still have a phobic/counterphobic response to spiders -- fascinating and terrifying all at once.

    20. The main reason I originally got into computers is that I wanted to play Zork.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft
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    1. I miss dismantling old-school mice and cleaning their innards.
    2. I was beaten once by a gang of 8 year olds with willow switches.
    3. I taste brown paper towels when I touch brown paper towels.
    4. I had a burrito for lunch yesterday. Carne asada. I did not pay extra to make it super. It came with tostadas.
    5. I may have introduced local meth production into Northern Texas in the early 90's.
    6. My spirit animal is an axolotl, despite the fact that I occasionally refer to myself as Lizard in third person.
    7. For a decade I woke up to auditory hallucinations of the theme song from the children's TV show, The Electric Company.
    8. I waged a two summers war against squirrels, siding with sparrows.
    9. I have never huffed white out.
    10. When working in an office with little people, I am often startled when they enter my periphery.
    11. My mother, to this day, ascribes a story to me where I beg for a set of expensive shoes, and then after her buying them for me, never wear them because I decided that high tops are uncomfortable. She tells it often; This never happened. I suspect that maybe it was my next oldest brother who did this.
    12. A translucent mutant hair will occasionally grow from the top of my nostril. I pluck it, but all experience indicates that it could grow to an indefinite length.
    13. I have a visceral attraction to women in military gray tank tops. I think this is because I fixated on Sigourney Weaver in Alien at a formative time in puberty.
    14. I spent over a decade denying to my little brother that a certain cartoon show existed, "The Plucky Duck Show", which he had a dim memory of. I wanted to put a head trip on him. I came clean last year.
    15. I just asked for Meredith's phone number from a friend in common 30 minutes ago. They met on Tinder. He hasn't texted back, yet.
    16. On my desk is: a gel pen resting on top of a small white legal pad. My phone, a relic of a text-phone lays connected by umbilical cord to a 15" Retina Macbook Pro. Also on the desk, a disconnected monitor, a sheet of Raspberry Pi stickers, a brown wool Applejack hat, a granola bar wrapper and a black coffee cup. As I write this, I am filled with melancholy.
    17. I have been punched in the face three times in my life, all of them last year.
    18. I suspect that the beat and samples from Black Sheep's The Choice Is Yours is continually played in an unconscious part of my mind.
    19. I put off to tomorrow what I could do today.
    20. I have dark hair, brown eyes and am of world average height, that's an inch shorter than U.S. average height.
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    Good thread idea!!

    1. I come from a family of 6 kids (2 brothers, 3 sisters, and me)
    2. when I was a wee kid I wanted to be an art teacher when I grew up
    3. I really enjoy outdoor active recreation: skiing, hiking, sports, swimming in the ocean, etc
    4. I love all four seasons
    5. I don't know if I have a favorite book but right now I really like Brother's Karamazov.
    6. I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't have a smart phone (can't justify it until I have an income again)
    7. Bought my 1st car last year to get to my first clinical internship
    8. Prefer riding my bicycle to driving
    9. Love/miss having everything in walking distance
    10. Love/miss public transit
    11. I'm studying to become a doctor of physical therapy.
    12. Interested in working with older adults, helping to preserve their functional independence and health and wellbeing.
    13. Not 100% positive that's where I'll head with my career.
    14. I love to make little drawings and cards for people.
    15. I love to have people over and eat and drink together.
    16. I'll probably move back to the Northeast (USA) when I finish up my program.
    17. I enjoy funny movies, adventure movies, fantasy movies, and some dramas and lovey movies.
    18. I love green the color and green plant life.
    19. The rockies are a wonderful backyard playground for me right now, but I think my heart lies with the well-worn but teemingly green appalachians
    20. My brothers and sisters and I want to purchase a vacation home together in New Hamphsire or VT with lots of bunk beds for the grandkids and we can all get together during summertime and maybe for the holidays too.
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.
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