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    1. I'm an atheist. Have been practically whole my life (Except when I was kid and they still used to teach religion for everyone, and back then I was afraid to say out loud that I did not believe. God felt so petty and malicious that he might get angry!).
    2. I never get lost. I don't know how, but I'm able to tell the north from south and have fully working google maps inside my brains. I see cities as a map, rather than as collection of buildings.
    3. I also have been to Finland. For the past 30 years! Mostly because I live here, but also because it's nice in here.
    4. I don't like poems at all. I find them underwhelming.
    5. I do however enjoy rhyming. I keep rhyming everything I say out of habit. I hope I'm not irritating people too much.
    6. I don't like lyrics. I never listen to them and I'm never interested in their meanings. I do enjoy them as an instrument though.
    7. I wear a cap inside all them, even while eating. I don't like general courtesy rules because they are sexist and arbitrary.
    8. You could say I'm a machonist (machonist is to men what feminist is to women) and I just made up that word. Men of this world are also suffering and their issues need as much attention as women's problems.
    9. I don't like Lord of the Rings even though I enjoy fantasy literature, movies and worlds. None of the characters were interesting, plot was predictable and the films way too long.
    10. I'm excited about transhumanism. I'm anxious to see what the technology can do to improve ourselves. It's time we become gods of our own.
    11. I don't drink any hot drinks, except for when in flu (like now). And only then I'm drinking Panadol Hot (painkillers meant for flu-induced pains, mixed in hot water. Tastes like some black currant-juice)
    12. I have never smoked tobacco. And neither has my wife. We strongly dislike smokers.
    13. Speaking of wife, I also have a son. He was born 4 days after I turned 30 (and two hours late from due date... pretty good timing).
    14. I have played junior/amateur (european) football for 16 years (more than half of my life). And I hope I can coach my son when he begins playing.
    15. I make games for living, and I started writing my first game when I was about 5. I had no idea what I was doing, I was simply copying code from a computer magazine. It never finished since I didn't know how to save.
    16. I hate brands. Especially Apple. I don't want to pay for the brand, and even less I want to belong to a group that choses brand over product. iPhones are vastly inferior to Android phones, yet Apple is always considered the trendsetter.
    17. I like my products efficient. I'm always on lookout for newcomers that are selling their superior products for cheap because they lack brand recognization. For example Kia-cars and OnePlus-phones.
    18. I have great dislike for suits and ties. They are uncomfortable and absurd. Why is it expected for everyone to wear noose on their necks?
    19. Never been outside of Europe. We once planned a trip to New Zealand, but gave up the idea because of long flights and time needed to spend there (Even two weeks is too short time to see everything).
    20. I was admitted to college in 2003, and I still haven't finished. I'm working on my thesis right now, but really lack time, energy and motivation to finish it.
    "The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."
    -Nikola Tesla
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    1.I'm not an actual chicken
    2. I hate grits
    3.I hate yellow and bright colors
    4. I prefer creepy people over elitist people
    5. because i pick up on elitism easier than i do people being creeps
    6 I'm not good at coming with facts about myself
    7, i just inhaled wrong and so now every thing smells like gas
    8. maybe it's carbon monoxide and that's why i'm sleepy
    9. I would care but i don't
    10. i'm a fan of beds
    11. i'm not a fan of sleeping on floors or couches
    12. i like both cats and dogs equally but for different reasons
    13. in the gin vs vodka war i'm #TeamGin
    14. Despite being part russian ethinically
    15. I think any variation of whiskey/bourbon/or scotch tastes like hand lotion
    16. even though my dad's family's from ky and his ancestors from scotland
    17. in order of like potatoes>noodles>rice
    18. Noodles>bread
    19.i don't know the answer to a lot of things
    20.but i do know the answer to a lot things people think they do but are completely wrong but don't know how to prove it so i'm just like meh ok this 20
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so
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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    1.I'm not an actual chicken
    Say what???

    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    19. The primary reason I have a beard is because I hate shaving. I haven't been clean shaven since the age of 21.
    20. I am a creature of habit. I can eat the same food for days, weeks, months, even years and not tire of it.
    Haha, these are pretty accurate of myself as well.
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    1. I have three children
    2. I love to read, mostly fantasy and chick lit... but, I throw some personal growth in for good measure.
    3. I love to dance
    4. I can't sleep with socks on
    5. I play softball, but really badly
    6. I have a heart arrythmia
    7. My father passed away when I was 13 due to heart failure
    8. I'm not certain I can spell without auto correct, so every time I use my laptop to post I'm living on the edge.
    9. I hate mustard
    10. My favorite color is (predictably!) pink... rose pink, though.
    11. I procrastinate... like, a lot.
    12. I cook, but I don't bake
    13. Folding laundry is overrated
    14. My handwriting is awful and I can't draw worth a crap
    15. I love patterns and colors
    16. I usually can't be bothered to put make up on
    17. I have spent countless hours mentoring other moms on breastfeeding
    18. I have texture issues with fruit
    19. I like to people watch
    20. I feel a deep connection to places with history.
    "Sometimes I can feel my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I'm not living."
    —Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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    1. I can't think of 20 original facts about myself.
    2. I laugh at my own stupid jokes.
    3. I caused the heater to stop working
    4. I hate 20 point lists
    5. I want a job where I can go in late and want to leave early
    6. I want to stay late at work if it's interesting that I am working on
    7. I am settling on my car, for a few years
    8. I think most people are full of shit and I like to bash them
    9. I think I am full of shit and a hypocrite
    10. I am bored most of the time
    11. I am lazy
    12. I didn't achieve much in my life, not as much as I hoped.
    13. I went to Europe last year for a week, because I felt like it.
    14. I don't seem to care about most things other people care about.
    15. Most people don't seem to care about what I care about.
    16. This list is getting easier
    17. My current hobby is WiFi and wireless, maybe more networking orientated
    18. I am consistent in being late for work.
    19. I don't care about my clothes, but for some reason I get comments that I look good and like a hobo at the same time. What are trying with me?
    20. I wish bullshitting would be a natural talent for me.

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    I'm almost afraid to ask because asking always causes a shitstorm, but my list is honest...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ene View Post
    1. I speak Cherokee, Spanish and English. I read and write Latin and can speak some Lakota.
    Wow, not often you meet somebody that can speak Native American languages. Are you Native American yourself, or just interested in the culture and such?

    Either way, definitely pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bknight View Post
    Wow, not often you meet somebody that can speak Native American languages. Are you Native American yourself, or just interested in the culture and such?

    Either way, definitely pretty cool.
    Thanks. I am Cherokee, but I doubt I'm the Hollywood version
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ene View Post
    Thanks. I am Cherokee, but I doubt I'm the Hollywood version
    Actually, the Hollywood kind didn't ever come to mind. I was never into wild west movies/shows. Just never the kind of movies that appealed to me.

    I studied American history in school a couple years back, and given the fact that we were studying the 1800s, we learned a bit about some of the various tribes. The Cherokee were, coincidentally, the ones that we spent the most time on. I was kind of appalled throughout the unit; I knew that the US didn't have the best relations with the tribes, but I didn't realize how much crap we did to them. I rarely feel guilty about something I had nothing to do with, but I felt kinda bad about all of it throughout the unit.

    Slightly off-topic, but I just realized that this was my 117th post. I'm such a nerd.

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    1. I live within a one hour drive of the Rocky Mountains.
    2. Due to my height, and even though I'm skinny, I have been referred to as a giant, a viking, and an amazon.
    3. I have a doctorate in mechanical engineering and am a practicing engineer, but it isn't my main source of income.
    4. It's easier to list the countries I haven't been to. I've lived in Canada, three US states, two European countries, and Japan.
    5. Contrary to popular belief, I cannot read minds.
    6. I collect top hats, stuffed animals, timepieces, mineral specimens, gemstones, fossils, fountain pens, limited edition coins, and limited edition Barbies.
    7. I am a polyglot and speak ten-some languages.
    8. I met Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie while on contract years ago.
    9. I own a very large, full, intact, gem-grade ammonite fossil. It's really pretty with all its iridescent colors and I never get tired of looking at it.
    10. I used to be a university professor, was considered one of the toughest at the institution, and wasn't particularly well liked by my students.
    11. I was considered to be a prodigy when I was younger and started university in Europe at the age of fifteen.
    12. I'm an aspie and it can make life difficult. I don't get sarcasm and puns are my preferred brand of humor.
    13. I've amassed a hoard of books, somewhat by accident. I'm seriously thinking about buying the neighbor's house to store them.
    14. I spend the working hours of my time during the week day trading, constructing economic and financial models, and analyzing data.
    15. My two cats are my family, now, as I was disowned by my immediate relatives after coming out as transgender and pansexual to them. Apparently, one wasn't enough and I had to add insult to injury.
    16. I cook better than most of the restaurants around my city. Some of my culinary pictures can by seen in the What did Bake/Cook Today thread. For some reason, lamb doesn't like me as I've severely burned myself every time I've made it.
    17. I have an excellent memory and recall. The earliest memory is from when I was fifteen months old.
    18. I own an anvil as I used to forge wrought iron sculpture and knives.
    19. I, too, collect wine and whiskey even though I don't drink that often
    20. I've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich nor Kool-Aid.

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