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    I feel kinda weird just blurting out so much random information about myself. I hope you find some of this stuff interesting. :/

    1. I'm left-handed.
    2. I'm a supertaster (my sense of taste is much more sensitive than most people's; I'm especially averse to bitter flavors).
    3. I don't like beer (see #2).
    4. I don't like coffee (see #2 again).
    5. I like dogs, don't care for cats.
    6. My favorite color is blue.
    7. I like all four seasons to a degree, but fall is far and away my favorite.
    8. I would not enjoy living in a "Big City."
    9. I'm a homebody.
    10. Baseball is my favorite sport. The Atlanta Braves are my team (see Doug's cap in my avatar).
    11. My four favorite television shows are: King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Doug and Seinfeld.
    12. I guess I'm kind of stubborn, but I'm not standoffish. I'm a pretty affable guy and can't stand conflict.
    13. I'm not a person who has an opinion on everything, but the opinions I do have are typically very strong.
    14. Pizza is my favorite food. It should have no more than two toppings and cheese isn't a topping.
    15. Sweatpants are my favorite article of clothing.
    16. Nintendo is my favorite video game developer/publisher.
    17. I like anime.
    18. I've had a fascination with all things Japan since around the age of 12.
    19. If my acceptance letter to Hogwarts had come when I turned 11, I'd've likely been sorted into Hufflepuff.
    20. Leonardo is my favorite Ninja Turtle.
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    Super tasters represent!
    The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
    -anonymous graffiti in the basilica at Pompeii
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    1. I've never eaten at mcdonalds
    2. I can't swim
    3. I almost exclusively drink tea... I love tea
    4. I've been with my SO for 6 years now? I'm not sure... I'm also uncertain as to the date of our anniversary
    5. we watched the wrath of khan on our first date... he cried
    6. I didn't see any of the star wars movies until I was an adult... I'm not really a big fan
    7. I share a birthday with Harry Potter
    8. I spent a summer living with nuns in a convent while teaching english in rural brazil
    9. I grew up on a farm and know how to butcher my own meat if necessary... I can break down a chicken in just a couple of minutes while removing skin and fat
    10. I find cemeteries to be relaxing... we usually walk through at least one when we are on vacation and search for the coolest gravestone and oldest grave
    11. I deleted my facebook account several years ago
    12. I'm often assumed to be 7 or 8 years younger than I actually am
    13. we have a dog and two cats... the dog is mine and the cats are his... it was a compromise since I'm a dog person and he's a cat person
    14. I find poisons to be fascinating and have been known to read books on them for fun
    15. I quit smoking and took up an electronic cigarette over a year ago... at the moment I have chocolate mint flavored nicotine and it tastes like ice cream
    16. I drive whenever we leave town because I can manage to drive for hours and hours without falling asleep
    17. the theme song from the PBS show NOVA always makes me inexplicably happy
    18. I love foggy days... and watching the fog creep up valleys from the mountaintops
    19. my cousin looks like a male version of me... we also speak with the same mannerisms... it unnerves our SOs
    20. I hate wearing shoes
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett
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    1) I once grabbed a fly right out of the air.

    2) I've piloted an airplane.

    3) When I eat an apple, I often eat the core and the stem. I like my coffee black like my soul.

    4) I skipped the babbling stage as a baby and began speaking in complete sentences.

    5) I love driving or riding in a car, possibly more than anything else in life. My greatest fantasy involves me, possibly my father as well, driving the jeep through a heavy blizzard, running simple errands, or into the mountains in the fog, down highways, or, better yet, through torrential downpours of rain.

    6) The number one place I want to visit is Istanbul. A possible close second on the list would be Samarkand for its historical significance, though I don't know if it's really possible to go there. Britain, Germany, and China are also top candidates, especially with some of the landscapes China has. And while we're on the topic of landscapes -- Yellowstone.

    7) I dream of playing a table game of Dungeons and Dragons. But you kinda have to have a clique of friends already established in order to get into table role-playing games.

    8) I really love art, especially Surrealism, or with vast, odd landscapes. And M.C. Escher, whatever classification of art it was that he made. I can just stare at it forever and get lost in it, expecially if it's got gigantic buildings and towers with intricate architectural features.

    9) I used to eat food off the cafeteria floors. Whatever virus I might have caught, it apparently didn't kill me.

    10) I tore my meniscus on a track course, but by dancing. Not by running and falling over.

    11) I tend to prefer nonfiction books over fiction. I consider it tedious to mull over the rote social interactions and daily life functions of the characters when the plot is progressing too slowly; to contrast, every part of a nonfiction book holds at least some piece of interesting information that is new to the reader.
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    I eat apples whole, too- seeds and core and all. It's easy if you start from the bottom (now you're here). There might be one or two bites that are woodier than I'd like them to be, but otherwise it's sweet, sweet apple all the way up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Super tasters represent!
    0. I'm a lesser taster, but it's texture that makes me picky.

    Patience, my list is coming!
    4w5 6w5 1w2 sx/so

    A lonely island where only what is permitted
    to move moves, becomes an ideal.

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    1. I once drove solo 750 miles on three hours' sleep.
    2. I've lived in six different states for at least two years each.
    3. I've bicycled over 20 miles in 30-degree weather with sleet and 20-MPH headwinds; I've biked 20 miles in 113-degree weather.
    4. I firmly believe that caffeine is a vitamin.
    5. I once met and shook the hand of the chief engineer for Porsche.
    6. I read The Count of Monte Cristo (~1800 pages) in one sitting in 7th grade...well, OK, I got up to go to the bathroom some.
    7. I was bitten by a crocodile as a baby (well, OK, it was a baby caiman in a pet shop. But still...)
    8. Once on a boy scout camping trip, I snored so loud I was exiled from my camp. Someone from another camp actually thought
    my snoring was a bear!
    9. I lost my wedding ring on a camping trip after being married about 20 years, *after* it was resized because it was getting too tight for my fingers.
    10. I once shot myself in the eye with a rubber band when I forgot which end to let go of.
    11. My singing voice is outlawed by the Geneva convention (see #12).
    12. Once while singing Christmas Carols, the person next to me complimented me on how well I was singing harmony. I had been trying to sing the melody...
    13. I had five years or so of French in high school and college, but I've forgotten most of it.
    14. I once walked home two and half miles in 5 below weather after having 3 teeth pulled.
    15. I have a collection of the different beers I've tried on an Excel spreadsheet (over 300 at last count!)
    16. One of my favorite books growing up was 1,001 Ways to Win Monopoly Games (by the 1973 Eastern regional champs, IIRC; they used a computer to do Monte Carlo statistical analysis of the most profitable properties on the board).
    17. My favorite TV shows are The Big Bang Theory, Svengoolie, The Red Green Show, and Star Trek: The Original Series
    18. I once was offered a job because my interview was the day after a local professional sports franchise where the company was, won the national championship the night before.
    19. I have a PhD but no Masters' Degree. (apologies to @Hard -- I skipped the Masters' so I wouldn't have to take prelim exams in organic chemistry).
    20. I missed having a perfect 4.0 GPA in undergrad because I handed in the final chemistry lab report for a class my senior year, five minutes past the deadline, and the professor wanted to go to lunch.
    "Love never needs time. But friendship always needs time. More and more and more time, up to long past midnight." -- The Crime of Captain Gahagan

    Please comment on my johari / nohari pages.
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    Just wanted to do an update:

    I joined the EMR society two weeks ago! And my Chinese program is on its way!
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese

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    This is harder than it first appears.

    20 Facts About Me:
    1. I believe in Jesus. I'm a Christian.
    2. I love fantasy world books.
    3. I love sailing although I haven't done it for a while.
    4. My favorite colour is red, the dark burgundy of thick French wine or of dried blood, rich and dark and mysterious, whether in a Christie novel or in a painting of the Crucifixion or on the shoulders of a king in The Robe.
    5. My favorite Disney animated movie is the Princess Diaries, I've read all the books. That punch line 'You saw me when I was invisible...' is both gut-churning and inspirational.
    6. I have travelled an unreasonable amount, circumnavigated the globe once, lived abroad for a year, visited many many countries...
    7. As a result my accent has been described as cosmopolitan, and I've even been asked more than once where I'm from, people make the assumption that I'm not English, which I am, it's just that university and living abroad trashed my original accent.
    8. I don't sleep much.
    9. My favourite sort of food is anything cooked by someone else. :-)
    10. I read a lot.
    11. I grow orchids, which works because they like our water softener and they thrive on neglect in warm rooms (which is pretty similar to the perfect environment for this INTJ as well!).
    12. I am always thinking about self-improvement, and I don't tend to let myself off easily. :-(
    13. I dream of flying, whenever my dreams are lucid, which happens occasionally.
    14. I don't wear makeup, I prefer clothes which provide comfort and practicality and which can cope with messy or dirty activities at a moment's notice.
    15. I love kids especially small ones, I really do coo to babies and cuddle them whenever it's offered. :-)
    16. I loved the Dark Materials trilogy t could never decide what my animal would be. Maybe I never grew up properly. :-(
    17. I'm a tropical fish person, a giraffe person, a chihuahua person and a meerkat person.
    18. I loved floating in the Dead Sea but it doesn't half make any tiny cuts hurt like billy-ho. :-)
    19. I love learning. (Standard issue for an INTJ but thinking of these is quite difficult!) I'm learning Ancient Greek as well as psychology and the church stuff.
    20. I once gave some flowers to Princess Margaret because I was the youngest kid in the school when she visited. I didn't think it was an important event at the time.

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    01. I don't own a computer.

    02. Sometimes the dialogue in my dreams is multilingual portmanteau.

    03. My favorite birthday party was at one of the best drag shows in my state. My (ex)friend paid for everything and at the end of the night the club sang to me.

    04. My favorite beer was coors light.

    05. I probably won't drink anymore.

    06. The worst volunteer position I've held so far lacked community participation so I ended up relegated to office maintenance and furniture arrangement.

    07. Meat, fast food, and certain perfumes are sometimes too strong for my sense of smell.

    08. I used to think I was bisexual.

    09. I left my first job because the supervisor lied about what position she was going to put me in - to fill a quota. The work was literally too heavy for me.

    10. I'm about bmi 19, but I would rather be lean than 'skinny,' and being healthy is better than being anything in particular.

    11. My strangest date to date was probably a pothead. He stored my number under "tree" because I made him feel calm.

    12. I still like kids' parties. I can have a lot of fun in the jumpers.

    13. I don't think I ever want any children of my own.

    14. I don't watch anime, or read manga.

    15. One of the most saccharine things I think about people is that they're their own 'solar systems' - I'm good at observation of the planets, I just have a hard time knowing how to land.

    16. I have never tasted nutella. I don't understand the enthusiasm.

    17. The mountains are the only place in my county where the stars are clearly visible and that's part of why I love visiting.

    18. One of my favorite memories is of discovering and falling asleep to Anne Sexton.

    19. I was on campus today.

    20. It takes conscious effort to stay grounded and present in the moment.

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