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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlip View Post
    17. I have been punched in the face three times in my life, all of them last year.
    Out of curiosity...
    What do you think may have contributed to this happening specifically last year?

    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    18. I love green the color and green plant life.
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    1. I am an only child
    2. I, too, do not have a smart phone
    3. All of my home computers use linux, except my SO's
    4. I have an organ as well as a piano, and play both routinely
    5. One of my favorite gifts of all time is the cappuccino machine my father gave me
    6. I used to be able to ride my bike to a grocery store, but it closed. Sad day.
    7. I make my own yogurt
    8. I am not vegetarian, but would rather go without meat than without vegetables
    9. I was named for my aunt, and despise the name
    10. I avoid buying outfits without pockets, since I never use a purse
    11. The exception to purse avoidance is when I wear a saree
    12. I have travelled to at least 19 countries outside the U.S., 3 of which no longer exist, and 2 of which didn't exist politically when I was there
    13. I was raised Catholic, but gave up on it long ago
    14. I had to recite a poem at my second grade Thanksgiving assembly, and still remember it
    15. I think there are books in every room of my house, but
    16. I don't have nearly as much time to read as I would like
    17. I avoid buying and using disposable items like plastic bags and paper napkins
    18. My main volunteer activity is STEM educational outreach
    19. I am trying to find a better job
    20. I seriously need a vacation
    I've been called a criminal, a terrorist, and a threat to the known universe. But everything you were told is a lie. The truth is, they've taken our freedom, our home, and our future. The time has come for all humanity to take a stand...
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    1. I'm new here! Hi!
    2. I was born, raised and I'm living in Stockholm, Sweden.
    3. My goal is to become a writer/director in film and/or television. Dream big!
    4. I have A.D.D, but I guess here that is called Ne... Yes, that was my lame attempt at a joke.
    5. I'm unsure if I'm an ENFP or INFP, and I'm trying to figure it out.
    6. Right now I work as a receptionist at a health care center for people with addiction.
    7. I'm bisexual.
    8. Kyla la Grange is my favorite singer/songwriter.
    9. I love to travel and in June I'm going to Italy.
    10. I've never been to Disneyland/Disney world and I really want to!
    11. I constantly write ideas or dialogue for stories in my phone so I don't forget about it, but most of that of course ends up being nothing.
    12. I'm excited for the new Star Wars films like you wouldn't believe!
    13. 13 is my lucky number!
    14. I'm terrified of clowns.
    15. I have two younger siblings, Julian, 16 and Lovisa, 11.
    16. I used to play the violin when I was little, I still feel really bad for my parents.
    17. I watch a lot of tv shows.
    18. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite one.
    19. I'm really clumsy, so I have a lot of scars on my body.
    20. Both my mom and best friend are INFJs, so I have soft spot for them.
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    1. I find it very hard to gather this list when the INFJ-me constantly says, "you can't tell them that!"
    2. I have blue eyes.
    3. I like to listen to music loud. I must feel it.
    4. I'm a HSP.
    5. I love to write. I've written couple plays, about five novel manuscripts and writing now my epic narrative poem which has already 59 pages in it. There's nothing I would be rather doing. And I don't even dream of publishing any that shit anymore, it's inconsequential to me.
    6. I have a dark sense of humor.
    7. I kind of miss the days when I was younger because back then everything was simpler and clear, both people and things.
    8. I haven't been in a regular job all my life. I'm 40.
    9. I have a magnificent and an intelligent dog called "Venni" which comes from a Swedish word "vän" which means "friend".
    10. I'm an extremely lousy swimmer.
    11. I love a good book but I can't find them. I hate to start a book and not finish because dialogue is bad or characters are stupid or the language used is subpar.
    12. I have smallish puzzle collection with puzzle boxes and other curious things.
    13. I own 169 board games. German style board games mainly.
    14. I love driving a car and listening to music. The best time to drive is late evening or night when the roads are empty of other travellers.
    15. I've just grown a few grey hairs in my beard and I can't stop staring them.
    16. I would like to go to New York and to the Broadway to see theater for a week or two.
    17. I haven't met anyone like me. (Yeah, these are getting forced.)
    18. I speak to myself. A lot. But nowadays I can at least pretend I'm talking to the dog.
    19. My frequent dream happens in a giant mall and on it's long and twisty corridors. I'm always looking for something and sometimes I even see the place from where I am but can't find my way up there. All the elevators and escalators take me to a wrong place. I used to have someone - or actually, something - chasing me but not anymore.
    20. I learned to play piano for three or so years and already managed to play some of Chopin's Preludes and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. then I had to leave my piano to our old house because of mould. I miss playing so dearly. I bought a guitar but have lacked the patience to learn it so far.
    "The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd."
    - Bernard Russell

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    IEE Ne


    1. i have allergies to animals, foods, and to outdoorsy things

    2. i'm a terrible runner

    3. i bounced around from sport to sport in school. wasn't very good at any of them.

    4. i can speak spanish and lived in mexico

    5. being a linguistics professor has always been a dream of mine.

    6. i'm allergic to cats, but found a hypoallergenic one and he's great. his name is ulysses.

    7. i've moved 8 times in the past 12 months.

    8. one of those times was for one day only, and i lost most of my stuff to that bed bug-infested apartment.

    9. i'm optimistic and resilliant

    10. pasta is my favorite food. preferrably my mom's home made. i like it with a glass of red wine and a nice green salad.

    11. i'm not that into meat, but i'm not a vegetarian. i really love lamb, but can only take it in small doses.

    12. i have two younger sisters and we're really close

    13. i don't have a tv. by choice.

    14. i love making jewelry and doing hair and painting nails

    15. i buy almost everything second hand

    16. i can sing and play the drums. i've performed in various musicals and bands.

    17. i wanted to be a rapper when i was young.

    18. i love living in the city. i'm drawn to centers of culture and life.

    19. i prefer having two part-time jobs to one full-time job.

    20. i get words stuck in my head like people get songs stuck in their heads. i also get very stuck on one song at a time and tend to listen to it over and over for days on end.
    You hem me in -- behind and before;
    you have laid your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by avaxtskyr View Post
    Out of curiosity...
    What do you think may have contributed to this happening specifically last year?
    I suppose mostly hanging out more in places that I'd likely to be punched combined with not avoiding situations where I was likely to be punched.
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    Eh Im bored Ill add some more

    * Hated biology, liked physics, loved chemistry. I could never remember the mitosis steps.

    * My room looks like a tornado came through

    * My organizational system in my backpack is to never ever throw anything out ever. If I dont get rid of it I can never lose it.

    * I was a chubby baby

    * I am a horrible driver because I get distracted and dont pay attention to whats going on around me

    * I procrastinate

    * I cant sing to save my life

    * Short attention span, but if interested enough I can spend hours on something.

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    1 I still listen to a lot of the music I listened to when I was a kid, the collection grows with a few discerning choices of "new" music such as System of a Down who've only just appeared on my radar despite two friends being big fans.
    2 I'm unusually culturally detached. I have no idea who this Michael Kors is or why he's popular and I haven't watched an episode of any soap or news program since I got my own home about twelve years ago.
    3 I own lots of books but I've only finished reading a handful. Somehow the knowledge that wonderful wisdom in words is freely available is comforting.
    4 I'm a vaper and have been for around 18 months. I was a smoker, marlboro red.
    5 I do sing, but only for myself.
    6 I've edited a published book detailing advice for CEOs.
    7 I hold a couple of poor a levels and a couple of certificates but am otherwise self educated.
    8 I almost ended up in a religious school as part of the choir until I learned they attended school on a Saturday morning and refused because I'd miss my cartoons (those ones I rarely got up in time to dee)
    9 I have an irritating habit of being competent at anything I put my mind to but rarely to any degree of proficiency worth note
    10 I do my own hair
    11 I don't feel like I've had a home since my parents split and my mother died despite having lived in my now marital house for more than 10 years
    12 I have two cats but I'm more of a dog person
    13 I bought neither of my cats, they're both strays
    14 my music collection has no theme
    15 I'm a gun nut who's never owned nor fired one

    Okay, run out for now...
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    gfxd Ni


    20. Have been to Finland
    19. 5'10
    18. Non Hispanic

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    1. I'm missing one adrenal gland
    2. I can crack my right shoulder repetitively for about 30 seconds
    3. Right now I'm listening to "Lampshades on Fire" by Modest Mouse
    4. I had a huge crush on SpongeBob SquarePants as a kid
    5. My first bike was purple with little white puppy heads on it and the puppies had black ears and noses. I still have it somewhere in my garage
    6. I actually love going on swingsets so much. It was my favorite thing to do at this park in my neighborhood when I was little and I still go there from time to time just to relax
    7. I have a natural curl of hair on the right side of my face
    8. I was once a Black Belt in MMA
    9. When I was 4, I split my lip twice in the same week
    10. In my life, I've had six fish, a dog, a Venus fly trap, and right now I have only the cutest pussy ever
    11. I got an earring stuck in my ear once and my dad had to take it out with pliers
    12. Growing up I had three American Girl dolls
    13. I've had braces twice
    14. I didn't get cut at all the first time I shaved my legs
    15. When I was in elementary school I used to collect Band-Aids. I'm sorry you had to read that.
    16. I've never broken any bones except for maybe two of my toes because they were all swollen and purple but I didn't get them checked out so you never know
    17. I had wonton soup for dinner tonight
    18. In kindergarten I rolled around in the mud during recess and when my mom asked why my coat was dirty I blamed it on this one mean kid and he entirely took the blame for it and nobody ever found out I lied
    19. Even though my great-grandparents and one of my grandparents were directly from Germany on both sides, Spanish is the only language other than English that I can semi-fluently speak
    20. I can scrunch my eyes up so my eyelashes curl in this weird way if I laugh really hard

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