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    Default What type of workplace do you like?

    Hi guys, please let me know what you think. Would you like your team leader to motivate you to meet targets by competing with one another or by achieving the target as a group? I mean, if you would like to get an incentive for being having the most numbers in the team or would you like the whole team to get an incentive by meeting the target as a group?

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    I like work place environments that involve lots of interactions with others working on their own projects. So while there is a lot of communication, meetings, etc. the project overlap is minimal. Generally speaking, I like to be in a higher-up position or in charge depending on what it is. I get really flustered and demotivated if I am not permitted to speak up and share my opinions/thoughts. I actually don't get all that annoyed or bothered if my ideas aren't taken and used, I just need to be able to talk. I am totally fine with taking orders, instructions, etc., I just have to be able to talk about it too. If I have to just accept it, I get all kinds of bent out of shape.

    I also like work environments that have a common core structure/framework, but what actually needs to be done within that constantly changes. This gives variety, novelty, and keeps my interest going. To go with this, I love environments that cycle between high intense activity (in particular days every now and then where you're burning the candle at both ends towards a final goal, or performance of some sort), and quiet even paced activity.

    I love interacting with others, but I do not like having to work directly with other people. I.E. me and another person or more working on the same report or presentation. I'll instinctively just take all the work and do it myself. But if I am working on a team where each person is doing their own independent thing, and the "machine" if you will works when each person does their own thing at the same time, I love it. In essence, I prefer most a blend between autonomy and collaboration.

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    Autonomy is my only workplace Wishlist. Lots of autonomy. So to answer your Q no, I wouldn't like a group target. That would suck.
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    I would rather choose a place where I will be comfortable and I'd look forward to go to work. I'd prefer to work with a team. Of course it has its disadvantage too.

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    I am actually asking because in my currently company, our team leader does stack ranking. I'm still in technical support (what I was doing in my previous company, parachutetechs) but this time, we also need to cross sell and up sell. By stack ranking, I mean our TL would put our names on a bulletin board and move the names around every week depending on how many upsells and cross sells and closed tickets you are able to do. Now, I don't like selling. I like tech support, but for the life of me, I cannot sell even if it is just cross selling and up selling. I am getting so demotivated, though, seeing my name at the bottom of the list. It is also affecting how I take care of my customers because I am becoming focused on selling. I wish our team leader won't put names like that on the board. The selling part is new to all of us - new mandate - and there are some of us who are still not adjusted to the fact that we have to sell

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    A slow-paced, nerdy, academic little room where we put taxidermed animals behind glass, talk about the multiverse and write journals, all that.

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    The biggest thing for me is autonomy. The more freedom I have, the more responsibility I will take.

    I like a very relaxed environment where it's understood that doing a good job doesn't mean being "on task" all the time. I do need loose structure (ie deadlines) or else I'll never start or finish some things (especially boring stuff or stuff I get frustrated with). Sometimes I need boundaries or limitations to, well, limit my ideas. I can start and stay focused if I can settle on one major "theme", or else I may try and shove too many ideas into one thing.

    I like to briefly run ideas past people, use some feedback to weed out, and then move on. I hate endless deliberation and having to consider too many opinions. I don't like when people take a long time to make a decision or want to go over something many times. I just want to toss a few ideas out and move on. The more creative control I have and the less collaboration, the better. I only like working with people when they handles practical details and business stuff.

    I like to have my own space.....preferably a different building or city even. I would like to do a location independent job where almost all communication is via email.
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    Hi, I would like to be in an online selling type of business. I guess, its the more practical and a new approach to reach my target market much easier.

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